Netanyahu’s Son Parties in Miami Instead of Heading Home to Help Fight Hamas

Pola Damonte /
Pola Damonte /

Israel has called up 360,000 military reservists to come home and fight Hamas. Many of the reservists were, in fact, overseas, and some were even called up from their honeymoons to do their part in the looming war. One person who is not on the front lines, or even way behind the front lines, is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, 32-year-old Yair. He’s too busy partying in Miami to go home and defend his own country.

Military service is compulsory for most Israelis when they turn 18. All men serve for 32 months, and all women serve for 24. People with disabilities are exempted, obviously. Since they’ve served and been trained, everyone then becomes a reservist after their time is up. This means they can be called up to fight and defend their home nation at any time until age 40, and sometimes even older.

The absence of Yair Netanyahu is definitely causing a hit against troop morale in Israel right now.

“Yair is enjoying his life at Miami Beach while I’m on the front lines,” said one reserve soldier. “It’s us who are leaving our work, our families, our kids, to protect our families back home and the country, not the people who are responsible for this situation. Our brothers, our fathers, sons, are all going to the front line, but Yair is still not here. It does not help build trust in the leadership of the country.”

Yair Netanyahu is not the only child of an Israeli politician or elite who is refusing to go home, but he’s definitely the most high-profile one. It raises a serious question for Americans as our leaders seem to be rushing headlong into World War III: If the Israelis won’t fight for their own country, why should we send our sons and daughters to do it for them?