Larry Elder’s Out, But He’s Offering His Endorsement

Ringo Chiu /
Ringo Chiu /

There have been a LOT of candidates running within the GOP for the presidential nomination. It’s easy to forget everyone, including Larry Elder. He hasn’t qualified for all of the debates, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t even remember that he was running.

Since he hasn’t been polling very well, he made the smartest decision that he could – he’s paused his campaign.

His official announcement was on Twitter/X this past Thursday: “As I look at the path forward, and after careful consideration and consultation with my campaign team, I have made the difficult decision to suspend my campaign. Now that I am exiting the race, I am proud to announce my endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States.”

That’s right. Not only is Elder choosing to pause his campaign but he’s also choosing to endorse Donald Trump.

What does that mean for Trump’s campaign? Well, it’s another high profile endorsement. It also means that Trump is likely to get more of the Black Republican vote because of this endorsement – and that could help Trump to clinch the GOP nomination.

Elder believes that Trump has what it takes to Make America Great Again.

Trump probably doesn’t need any more endorsements. He’s leading the polls by a considerable amount. The only ones coming in reasonably close are Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, but they’re a good 20 to 30 points away from him, depending on the day and the poll.

While Elder showed a bit of promise early on within the campaigning process, he simply does not have what it takes to go up against Trump. Perhaps if the 45th president weren’t in the running, things would be different.

With Elder out, it’s only a matter of time before more of the GOP candidates start to see the writing on the wall, too. Who do you think is next? Mike Pence just announced he’s out, too, so our money is on Chris Christie.