Trump Says This Paper Will Vindicate Him

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As you know, former President Donald Trump is on trial in New York for supposedly committing fraud. But he has a single piece of paper he says should vindicate him.

On Monday, on the witness stand in Manhattan, Trump pulled out a piece of paper from his suit jacket pocket. As he did so, he remarked that it would “vindicate” him of all charges and end the case.

Of course, he wasn’t allowed to read it…

As the New York Post reported, the document is likely a disclaimer notice. You know, the kind that businesses such as Trump’s hand out as part of any financial transaction, particularly with banks. The kind that, to save their own butt, would encourage banks or other lending organizations to conduct their own assessments on any and all assets or properties before loaning money to the Trump Organization.

As I said, it’s a pretty commonplace document for such transactions.

It’s also a pretty commonplace practice for all banking institutions in such agreements. After all, good business acumen says that such institutions shouldn’t trust the word of any individual or business alone. That’s why official inspections and assessments are almost always a requirement.

Again, the disclaimer is a way to cover a business such as Trump’s in the event that something like fraud is alleged.

In this case, New York’s Attorney General Letitia James has accused Trump of overvaluing his assets to borrow money with better rates and other benefits (all of which have since been paid back in full and at the bank agreed upon interest rates). Oh, did I mention that the suit has named no victims in the case?

But I digress…

As you can tell, the whole case is rather ludicrous. I mean, how does James or New York Judge Arthur Engoron get off thinking they know more about the banks’ interests than the banks themselves? These banking institutions and their highly paid managers make it their life’s work to ensure that they are making money and their loans are legit.

And yet, James and Engoron are essentially saying that Trump duped them.

This disclaimer would prove that he did not.

Of course, Engoron, who already decided on his own back in September that Trump was guilty, has dismissed the disclaimer as pointless.

So much for being a beacon of justice…