Another Left-Winger Announces a Run Against Biden

News just keeps getting worse for incumbent presidential candidate Joe Biden. The newest bit of bad news came last week when Jill Stein announced her plan to run for the Green Party’s nomination in 2024.

If you’ve never heard of Stein before, don’t worry. Most haven’t. However, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t played an important role in politics over the last decade or so.

No, she hasn’t actually done much in the way of implementing critical policies or legislation. Instead, she’s simply run for president a number of times, each for the Green Party. She even won that nomination in 2012 and 2016.

And clearly, that means she took votes away from other candidates.

In 2016, for example, it was noted that if Stein hadn’t run, “Clinton would be president” instead of Trump. Politico reported that she took liberal votes that would have likely gone to Clinton in key battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

And now, she’s about to do the same to Biden. Or at least she has the potential to.

As you likely know, she’s not the only independent candidate to announce a presidential run. Robert F. Kennedy, a legacy Democrat and US Senator, has been in the running to unseat Biden since April. Cornel West, a scholar and activist, has been seeking a nomination since June.

As Stein said in her candidacy announcement, she is there to offer voters “real choices on the ballot.”

According to her, the “establishment” of the other two main parties has failed America. And many voters know it. So they are looking for another option. She, of course, has graciously offered to be that alternative.

Now, while she’s definitely correct about the establishment failing us and about voters not wanting to be a part of that anymore, it’s unlikely that she is the answer. Like most in the Green Party, she offers far-fetched ideas with little to practicality. She might as well call herself a socialist…