Nearly Every Republican You’ve Ever Heard of Calls on Ronna McDaniel to Resign

Maxim Elramsisy /
Maxim Elramsisy /

Last Tuesday’s elections were a total disaster for Republicans. There were some bright spots here and there, even in Pennsylvania, but none of the GOP victories that happened Tuesday were a result of the Republican National Committee (RNC), under the “leadership” of Ronna Romney McDaniel. As the dust still continues to settle after the off-year election, nearly every conservative figure and social media influencer that you’ve ever heard of is calling on McDaniel to resign.

Vivek Ramaswamy got the Ronna-must-resign party going on Wednesday during the third GOP presidential debate. He opened the debate with a fiery description of just how much of a failure Ronna McDaniel has been since she became the head of the RNC in 2017.

In case you missed it, here it is:

Ramaswamy has no chance of unseating Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Plus, he’s an anchor baby and one of his parents is not a natural-born US citizen to this day, so he’s not even eligible for the presidency. But man, is it great to have him running or what? The guy is feisty, well-spoken, and says all the right things to tick off the establishment.

Ronna McDaniel doesn’t like Ramaswamy quite as much as the rest of us do, however. At least 50 people within earshot of her at the debate heard her refer—loudly and obnoxiously—that Ramaswamy is an “a**hole” and that the RNC was never going to give “one cent” to him.

Have you thought about sucking less at your job, Ronna?

Calls for McDaniel to resign started flooding social media after Tuesday’s losses, especially after Ramaswamy opened up about her.

Monica Crowley, former Fox News personality and Assistant Treasury Secretary under Donald Trump, asked, “What, exactly, does Ronna McDaniel do, besides lose? The only thing she SHOULD do is RESIGN.”

The Gateway Pundit called her “totally useless.”

Laura Loomer said that McDaniel and her underlings at the RNC “have chosen to not be ready by design. They would rather watch America fall than help Trump and Trump endorsed candidates get into office.”

Benny Johnson went into even greater detail:

“Since Ronna Romney McDaniel took over the GOP in 2017, Republicans have lost-

  • 8 Governors races
  • 3 Senate seats
  • 19 House seats
  • 1 Presidential race

And yesterday we suffered humiliating losses in deep red states Ohio and Kentucky.”

Steve Bannon of the War Room podcast and John Solomon from Just the News both called on McDaniel to resign after that embarrassing Tuesday display.

Here’s one of the most damning facts about last Tuesday’s elections in Virginia, where Democrats now control the Assembly and the Senate. Joe Biden called on the DNC to pour $1 million into Democrat races in Virginia. The DNC complied, and Democrats won the house by a TOTAL of 2,400 votes across all races. They won the Senate by a total of just 1,900 votes statewide. A month ago, Virginia GOP chairman Rich Anderson sent a direct request to Ronna McDaniel for cash to help win some of those winnable races.

Anderson’s request was IGNORED.

And try this on for size: Scott Presler singlehandedly worked his butt off in Pennsylvania for Tuesday’s elections. Butler County, PA does not have a local GOP chairman. There’s no one running the party there. Despite that fact, Presler’s get-out-the-vote efforts managed to flip all four borough council seats to Republicans. He also got Republican District Attorney Rich Goldinger reelected, despite George Soros giving $2 million to Goldinger’s opponent.

A lot of people are starting to ask, why isn’t Scott Presler running the RNC? He’s obviously a lot better at this stuff than Ronna McDaniel.