Trump Anxious To Debate Biden; Senile President Silent on the Matter

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With less than a year remaining before the next Presidential election, former President Trump is already acting as if he has won the Republican nomination. While most polls show him easily in the lead over others who have announced their candidacy, the race for the nomination, much less the Presidency, is far from over. With the first Presidential debate scheduled for September 16th at Texas State University, there is a lot of ground to cover.

Back in June Trump laid the groundwork to debate Biden, but many wonder if he would bother to show since he has yet to appear at a Republican debate. Instead, he has used the pre-drummed-up media to hold his rallies, often across town or in a few towns over. Just close enough to kill their draw, and far enough away to avoid any legal issue.

So far, multiple organizations have attempted to ask the Biden campaign about these debates, but thus far they have remained silent. This decision does not show Americans any confidence in their sitting President. Nor is it one that should inspire confidence in the plans he has for the future. Instead, it shows what the American people have known about Biden.

Quite simply, Biden was elected under the fear of another 4 years of Trump. People weren’t voting for Biden, they were voting against Trump. They were told he was a racist, hate-filled, or rude man. That he wasn’t Presidential, and that he has failed the country. The fact of the matter is, we had a good thing going under Trump. Our economy was thriving, the American way of life was excellent, and people had a couple of bucks in their pockets.

In 2020, when people went to the polls, stories of voter harassment and intimidation came in. Ask most people in America, and they didn’t experience it. The headline-grabbing “racially corrupt” lines in rural or highly minority polls were limited experiences, with most being able to get everyone through without issue. However, the mainstream media was great at twisting things, and as the day wore on, more votes against Trump rolled in than ones for Biden.

This is why the Libertarians had such a historically high turnout for a third-party candidate on election night. While those voters only made a dent in the polls, they didn’t do enough to topple them in any district, much less state. However, they made an impact and showed the liberals that their campaign against Trump had worked. They stole the White House, and through their magic trick headlines to distract the American voter, they made it seem as if Trump tried (and failed) to steal the election.

Corruption like this shines a glowing light on why they are refusing to comment on debating Trump. They want to save the surprise for the final hour. They hope either Biden will suddenly be able to have more than 10 minutes of camera coherent time in a day, or that someone else will be swept in so he can step back with some semblance of humility.

  1. A senior Trump aide told the Daily Caller, “President Trump looks forward to debating Crooked Joe Biden next fall. The real question is whether or not Joe will debate President Trump. Specific to the Presidential Debate Commission, the campaign has not yet accepted the suggested terms made recently.”

Yet Biden’s 2020 deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield told NBC News that Biden’s silence is smart. In her eyes, it’s “a good strategic decision to know who your opponent will be before you commit to debating them.” She noted that Biden doesn’t need to confirm nor deny his attendance at such debates this far out.

Other Trump supporters aren’t so sure. Mark R. Weaver, a GOP strategist believes Trump will debate, with Biden opting not to. He believes the President will instead use every excuse he can manufacture to avoid the debate at all costs. From Trump’s past denial of the election results to the idea that Trump could have a conviction on his record by then. No matter the excuse, Weaver thinks Biden is going to find one to exploit.