Whistleblower: The FBI Now Views All Trump Supporters as America’s Biggest Threat

Eric Rosenwald / shutterstock.com
Eric Rosenwald / shutterstock.com

If your head has been in the sand so far about what’s happening with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), we’d really like to encourage you to pull it out now. You’re probably aware that the FBI has been weaponized as the Democrat Party’s secret police. That’s obvious from the way the bureau is treating President Trump and the peaceful January 6 protesters. What a lot of people don’t realize—and what an FBI whistleblower has just confirmed—is that the FBI now views all Trump supporters and all registered Republicans as the number one terrorist threat against the United States.

Steve Friend is that whistleblower. He worked for the FBI and is now a fellow at the Center for Renewing America. He’s trying to warn Americans right now that the FBI considers “we the people” to be the greatest threat to the USA.

Friend was recently asked why the FBI has gone to such great lengths to track down and arrest the grandparents who were escorted by police into the US Capitol on January 6th, while ignoring actual terrorists on the streets of America. The FBI, for example, never arrested a single person in connection with the Black Lives Matter terrorist attacks in 2020, or their counterparts in Antifa. Likewise, the FBI can’t be bothered with actual Hamas sympathizers waving foreign flags on the streets here in America.

Friend gave a chilling answer on Twitter/X:

In a truly chilling move against the American people, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is now calling for legislation that will allow Joe Biden’s illegal aliens to serve in the military in exchange for US citizenship. Enlisting people in the military who have no regard for the most basic laws of the United States is not a good idea. The very first act of these people in our country was to break a federal law, after all. Do you think they care about the Constitution or defending it?

For those who have forgotten, Chinese soldiers initially laid their arms down in Tiananmen Square in 1989 during the student uprisings. The Chinese soldiers were unwilling to follow the orders of the Communist Chinese Party and refused to open fire on their fellow countrymen and women. The CCP solved that problem by calling in its forces from the Mongolian Reserves, who were all too happy to slaughter the students.

What did they care? It’s not like they were related to them.

This is why Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are now in the process of trying to recruit illegal aliens into the American military. Steve Friend concurs with this position.

Friend notes, “Communists inside our government are not destroying the military. They are building one willing to target their primary enemy- Americans. The same goes for the FBI, DOJ, and every other 3-letter agency.”

During a hearing on Capitol Hill last week, US Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) excoriated FBI Director Christopher Wray for blatantly violating the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens. The FBI has been caught tens of thousands of times engaging in spying on the digital communications of Americans via the secret FISA courts. That includes the Trump campaign in 2016, 2020, and today. Wray just shrugged it off. He knows that he is too powerful and holds too much blackmail information over the heads of Members of Congress to need to worry about his job security.

If the American people don’t rise up during the 2024 election and send a resounding message to the FBI and the Deep State, by voting for Donald Trump, our nation will not continue. This will no longer be a free country. The FBI has already compiled a list of Americans that it plans to lock up in gulags (or simply execute) if the Democrat Party remains in control of the country after next year. Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.