Donald Trump Wins Another Dumb 14th Amendment Ballot Case, This Time in Arizona

lev radin /
lev radin /

The unprecedented lawfare tactics being used against Donald Trump to try to stop his return to power have become boring to the American people. If only the Democrats would catch on! A court in Arizona has now thrown out yet another frivolous lawsuit to keep President Trump off the ballot under the 14th Amendment. They’re running out of states where they can even keep attempting this futile tactic.

Arizona now joins the states of Washington, Rhode Island, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire as places where the courts have ruled that Trump can stay on the ballot, not to mention the Supreme Court. All of these attempts to sue Donald Trump are based on the premise that he staged an “insurrection” on January 6th and is, therefore, ineligible to serve in office.

The lawsuits continue happening despite all of the following facts remaining true:

  • Trump was found “not guilty” of insurrection back in 2021 in an impeachment trial.
  • The US Supreme Court has ruled consistently through the years in unrelated cases that presidents and vice presidents are not “officers of the US government.” Therefore, the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to them.
  • There was never an insurrection in the first place, and not a single American who was entrapped in the FBI’s January 6 scheme has been charged with “insurrection.”

Trump spokesman Stephen Cheung called this latest garbage case in Arizona “another bad faith, 14th Amendment challenge.” That sums it up quite well.

How many cases like this will the Democrats have to lose in a row before a court somewhere simply finds them in contempt and throws them in jail? It’s a waste of time and money for the courts. Trump should start countersuing them for attorney fees every time they bring another one of these cases against him.