How Many People Cheated for Biden? Damn Near 20% per Latest Survey

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After Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election, many wondered how he could have won. Yet the numbers passed enough of the sniff test for most of America, and as such the election has stood the test of time. Now a new report from Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute showcases that these election results might warrant a closer look.

When asked about filling out a ballot for or on behalf of someone else, specifically mentioning a spouse or child, 21% of respondents admitted that they had done so. While the Heartland Institute notes it is legal to help someone fill out their ballot, you cannot have someone else fill it out on your behalf.

As bad as that might be, 17% admitted that they had violated federal law by casting their ballot in a state they no longer lived in. Mind you, this, too, also has an exemption as military members on active duty can vote for their home of record while away from home via absentee ballot. This is without restrictions on how long they have been away or where they are located. Completely voting for someone else by fraudulently signing their ballot was something that 17% of respondents also admitted to having done.

Justin Haskins with the Heartland Institute released a statement about the findings. “The results of this survey are nothing short of stunning…For the past three years, Americans have repeatedly been told that the 2020 election was the most secure in history. But if this poll’s findings are reflective of reality, the exact opposite is true. This conclusion isn’t based on conspiracy theories or suspect evidence, but rather on the responses made directly by the voters themselves.

Given the fact that 10% could also say they knew at least one person who cast a ballot without being a resident, and 11% knew someone who falsified a mail-in ballot, this election is looking incredibly suspicious. With the loosening of mail-in ballot restrictions in 2020 due to COVID, people took advantage of these to cheat. Not wanting to risk their ideals of going to socialism, the American people got screwed as a result.

Election fraud like this needs to be thoroughly investigated. By ignoring it and turning a blind eye to the issue we are sending a signal to each other and our elected officials that this is okay with us. As conservatives, we know the cost of being honest and honorable is that we might lose. We accept that risk. Better to lose and go out swinging, than to not play or to go down watching the ball go by.

At every turn to have the election investigated, the Biden administration and its cronies have undermined them. Slipping in his people as “officials,” presenting incomplete or inaccurate evidence, and misplacing or damaging mail-in ballots were reported multiple times. Yet nothing is truly being done to stop his undermining of American democracy.

For the liberal left, this has been a perfect situation. A situation we knew they fabricated, and now we need to prove the destruction they caused beyond a shadow of a doubt. It won’t be easy to prove, but it’s important we put up this fight. Even as Biden is likely on his way out of office in 2024 if we can get him out sooner than that, all the better. The more we do to prevent them from thinking they can get away with this again, the better off we are.

Despite putting on the public face of winning, the Biden supporters know the truth about how the election played out. Biden didn’t win because he was the best man, he won because too many people refused to vote, and pro-Biden supporters were MORE than happy to cast the ballot on their behalf. Given the 1,085 respondents to the NOV30-DEC6 survey, it’s a good-sized pool to say this is a problem. Even with the 3 points +/- rating.