Obama Worried Joe’s Strings Are About To Be Cut

ZB Photos / shutterstock.com
ZB Photos / shutterstock.com

As 2023 comes to a close many are looking at the situation President Joe Biden is in, and they aren’t thrilled. With crisis after crisis rolling along, many cannot help but notice how the policies of Biden have played right into these occurrences from happening. What initially began as concerns that Biden’s position had been sold out to or at least rented by billionaires and foreign interest groups has suddenly blown up.

The more information that comes out about Joe and Hunter Biden, the more the American people seem to be convinced that he isn’t the right man for the job in 2024. Many also regret thinking he was the right choice in 2020 and will gladly vote against Biden just to prevent any more of his horrible decisions going forward. Among those doubting the Biden 2024 ticket is his former boss and President Barrack Obama.

Per a Wall Street Journal report from Annie Linskey, an anonymous source has shared with her that Obama “knows this is going to be a close race” and “feels that Democrats very well could lose.” Given the concerns of voters, and the dramatic surge of Trump in the polls, it’s not surprising Obama has lost confidence in the man.

While Hunter and the various branches of scandals behind him are harsh enough, the immigration policies, degradation of our economy, inflation, and lack of plans for the nation are huge concerns. To many Americans, Biden has sold the nation out in one form or another. It is an unforgivable offense; these voters just can’t see any reason to ask for another four years of that.

This shouldn’t be very surprising, though.

Previously President Obama said he would have stayed in office if he could have someone in office to do his bidding since the Constitution wouldn’t allow him to remain. After Hilary failed to get the job done, it seems like Obama called his old buddy to take her place in 2020. Biden’s policies have been straight out of the Obama edition liberal playbook. Ran letter for letter, the man has been operating on autopilot the entire time he has been President, instead doing the bidding of Obama’s every whim.

These whims have sent the nation not only right into the toilet, but also set the stage for our empire to crumble faster and with more fury than any historian or financial expert could have predicted. Try as they might to blame COVID, it is clear that these policies Obama failed to get put into practice while he was President have returned under Biden. Much like people told Obama then, they have failed under Biden.

With the voters sharpening the scissors to cut the strings between Obama and his dementia-riddled puppet, his time is clearly beginning to run shorter than he wants it to be. As a nation, we have already put up with significantly more than we should have with our commander-in-chief. Yet steps to impeach Biden and send him out of office have been unsuccessful as of this point. A move to have them enacted come early 2024 is gaining momentum, but it could prove to be too little, too late.

For the winner of the 2024 election, a massive dose of responsibility to clean up the mess from the Biden administration comes as a “perk” of the job. It won’t be an easy position to hold, with Obama guaranteed to be gunning to have his policies finished, no matter who is in office. Less a shocking Biden victory, the winner will be facing an uphill battle.

Guaranteed to face incredible criticism, venom being spit in their face, and a group of liberals who cannot accept they lost, the winner will need to have a firm backbone.