Dems Are Losing Ground in Traditionally Blue States

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Going on for decades now, Democrats have relied on one simple strategy: their legions of puppets simply love living where they are overtaxed, over-regulated, and underpaid. To them, the liberties they give up, the extra restrictions they have placed on them, and their lack of freedom are worth the price of admission. Having both the Governor’s office and control of the state legislature essentially gives them full control of the state, and they run it as they see fit.

Overall, since COVID, the people of Oregon, California, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania have seen the way life can be in more conservative states. Per figures from the Census Bureau, between 0.01% and 0.52% of their population left between July 2022 and July 2023. This pattern was also seen during the Census of 2020, which led to a loss of seats in the House of Representatives as well as Electoral College votes.

People see the writing on the wall in these states. They see the nightmares that their states are becoming, and many are unwilling to continue dealing with the nightmare. Instead, they want to enjoy the freedom that America promises and the very freedom and benefits their elected leaders are just handing over to the illegals on their dime.

For the residents of the states receiving these transplants, they are running into a few problems.

The biggest issue with the Dems losing ground like this is the fact that, when they arrive in these new states they call home, they don’t leave the failure of their last state behind. Instead, they lament about how good it was and try to make their new state just like their last one. From pushing for gentrification to overpaying for real estate just to be the winner, they slowly start killing the state.

When you look at Miami in the 1980s-2000s, you see it. Lured in by cocaine and the money, Dems fled from NY in favor of Florida, and they slowly destroyed the city and much of South Florida. They inspired the phrase, “The more southern you go, the more northern it gets.” These transplants have now set their sights on Tampa and are slowly trying to poison it, too. Can’t they just stay home and finish killing NY and CA? God knows anyone with any sense wrote those states off years ago.