Even House Dems Are Coming After Biden’s SecDef Now

Alexandros Michailidis / shutterstock.com
Alexandros Michailidis / shutterstock.com

In this divisive two-party political atmosphere, it’s no surprise when a member of one goes after those in the other. However, when one party goes after their own, it’s certainly a sign something major is wrong.

And wrong is exactly what you would call sitting Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s recent medical absence.

If you weren’t aware, Austin is the unfortunate host of cancer. As such, he’s been involved in a number of medical treatments and such since his diagnosis. And to be sure, we absolutely wish him the best in his recovery.

However, as even some of his own party have recently pointed out, those health issues must play second fiddle to the defense of our nation. And if they can’t, then maybe he should step down.

This became a serious issue recently when Austin went AWOL for a total of three days. He couldn’t be reached, no one knew where he was. Hell, even the President of the United States and his second-in-command had no idea of his whereabouts.

Now, to be sure, it wasn’t as if he had just taken a short vacation for a few days. Instead, he had what could only be called a health scare, requiring three days spent under the care of physicians at a hospital.

Luckily, during those three days, not too much went on in the world that required his or his office’s immediate and emergency attention. But that’s not the real point, is it?

I mean, this is the Secretary of Defense, the man placed to lead our troops into battle, to advise our commander in chief, and to be aware of all international issues in which our military might be needed.

Yet, Austin told no one he was even under the weather, let alone unable to do his duties.

As Democrat Representative and member of the House Armed Services Committee, Chris Deluzio says this is a big mistake and one that has forced him to demand Austin’s resignation.

I couldn’t agree more.