FBI Still Stonewalling on the Seth Rich Laptop They Claimed They Didn’t Have

BeeBright / shutterstock.com
BeeBright / shutterstock.com

The FBI is once again asking a federal judge to delay its requirement to release information from murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich’s laptop, seven-and-a-half years after the FBI first claimed that it didn’t actually have Seth Rich’s computer in its possession. Texas resident Brian Huddleston has been suing the FBI for years to get Seth Rich’s laptop information released since it will answer many unanswered questions about the 2016 election. Rich is believed to have been the sole source of the 2016 Wikileaks production of the DNC’s emails, rather than fictitious “Russian hackers” that are part of the official narrative.

For those who don’t remember this piece of ancient history, Seth Rich was an employee of the Democratic National Committee in 2016. He was a “Bernie Bro.” When Seth Rich realized that the DNC had colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to steal the 2016 nomination from Bernie Sanders, who was the clear frontrunner that year, Rich became disillusioned and disgusted with his bosses.

It’s believed, based on forensic investigations since then, that Seth Rich downloaded all the internal emails from the DNC onto a thumb drive and delivered them to a Wikileaks operative. After this happened, Rich was murdered in Washington, DC, while walking home from work a few nights later. His wallet was untouched, his expensive wristwatch was still on his wrist, and even Seth’s smartphone was still in his pocket. After a cursory investigation, the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) ruled the case a “robbery gone bad.” A robbery in which literally nothing was taken from Seth Rich after he was shot dead by unknown assailants.

The DNC emails then appeared online on Wikileaks. Those who bothered to look at the internal emails learned that the DNC referred to its Hispanic voter outreach program as “Operation Taco Bowl.” The DNC also referred to its own black donors as “uppity,” and made derogatory comments about their “frizzy” hair. Plus, there was the fact that then-DNC chairperson Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) had directly colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to steal the 2016 nomination from Bernie Sanders.

So, there was that.

The spin from the Clinton campaign and the DNC was that the “Russians” had hacked their racist emails to make them look bad in order to help Donald Trump. The DNC refused to hand its servers over to the FBI at the time to confirm this supposed “Russian hack.” Instead, they handed their servers over to a company called Crowdstrike in Europe, which they paid a ton of money to declare that Russians had hacked the DNC servers.

No one believed this BS from the DNC or the Clinton campaign, or for that matter, from the FBI, which made no effort to ever examine the DNC servers. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange even hinted that Seth Rich was the source of the emails and that he was murdered by “someone” as retribution for that courageous act. Brian Huddleston sued the FBI, and years later, the bureau finally admitted that, by the way, it was in possession of Seth Rich’s personal laptop.

Nothing but stonewalling has occurred since then. The FBI was finally ordered to turn over the contents of Seth Rich’s laptop to Brian Huddleston so that the world could finally learn the truth of this sordid affair. The FBI missed that deadline and is now requesting additional time before it will have to finally turn the data over.

What is the FBI hiding? What is on Seth Rich’s computer that is so damaging to the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the FBI? To ask these questions is to answer them.