Tucker Names the Differences Between Biden and Putin

Aleksandr Dyskin / shutterstock.com
Aleksandr Dyskin / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently took a trip to Moscow, where he spoke with the infamous Russian President Vladimir Putin. And what he has to say about him in comparison with our sitting president isn’t good for the United States.

For starters, Carlson said there was no contest between the two aging men, as in they are so different in the way they run things, their state of mind, their mental health, etc., that they cannot be compared to each other, at least not on the same playing field.

Or, in Carlson’s analogy, the same boxing ring.

In fact, the conservative commentator noted that if it were “boxing, the fight would be called by the medic.”

Carlson said as much while speaking at the World Governments Summit in Dubai.

He added that he is proud to be an American and always will be. Unlike some so-called patriots, he’s vowed to never leave the nation, no matter how bad it gets.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s proud to see where the nation is headed or who is taking it there.

“I grieve when I see the president is non compos mentis (not of sound mind), and in my country, it is considered very rude to say that.”

Now, as rumor has it, Putin is not exactly in his prime anymore, either. In fact, he struggles with some of the age-related issues that Biden does. But as Carlson points out, there is still no comparison.

One reason is that Putin sat down and spoke with Carlson for a full two hours, going over complicated topics like Russian history, major geopolitical shifts, and, of course, the war in Ukraine. And unlike with most of Biden’s speeches and even offhanded comments, all of it was unscripted.

Biden can’t even remember the year his oldest son died or the dates on which he was vice president. And just a few days ago, he confused the sitting president of Egypt with the sitting president of Mexico.

To be sure, it’s not a good look for the US.

Another major reason Carlson says there is no contest is that Biden’s accomplishments fail rather spectacularly, particularly when placed against those of Putin.

As Carlson points out, Russia is the absolute largest nation and land mass on the planet. And that means it’s incredibly diverse, “linguistically, culturally, religiously.” Even without Russia’s sordid history, it would take an incredible kind of leader, if not political genius, to run such a nation.

Putin has done it, and rather successfully, for a whopping 24 years.

As much as we may or may not like some of his tactics, as Carlson says, an “incapable person couldn’t do that.”

But then you add in Russia’s history, you know, the fact that it used to be a completely different kind of government, a socialist nation.

As Carlson’s father experienced in the 80s while working for the US government in Moscow, the city used to be a complete mess: homeless, hungry, trash everywhere, and no electricity.

But when Tucker recently traveled there, he saw nothing of the sort.

In fact, he couldn’t stop marveling at its greatness. “It is so much cleaner, safer and prettier, aesthetically, its architecture, its food, its service, than any country – city – in the United States.” And it’s noted that Moscow is the largest city in Europe, with over 13 million residents.

Again, an incapable person couldn’t turn all that bad around so quickly.

Meanwhile, in the US, our cities are falling into disrepair, crime is out of control, drug use is on the rise, mental health issues are soaring, our economy is in the dumps, and don’t even get me started on the chaos at our borders.

And as many of you can attest to, much of this has only been exasperated under Biden’s rule. He’s only made things worse. So much for building back better.

What that tells those like Carlson and should tell us is that we don’t have the right leader.

As Carlson asks, “How did that happen? At a certain point, I don’t think the average person cares as much about abstractions as about the concrete reality of his life. And if you can’t use your subway, for example, as many people are afraid to do in New York City because it’s too dangerous, you have to sort of wonder, is that the ultimate measure of leadership?”

Indeed. No contest at all…