Biden Directly Responsible for Georgia Coed’s Murder

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President Joe Biden is pushing for a bill currently in the Senate to be forced through that directly puts the blood of Laken Riley’s death on his hands. Her killer was released into the US via the so-called Cath and Release program Biden’s administration has made a mainstay for illegal immigration at the southern border. Seemingly unfazed by her death, in a series of tweets, Biden told Senators to look at his version of the bigger picture and not the glaring negatives of his bill.

“Months ago, I instructed my team to begin working with bipartisan lawmakers to fix our immigration system. They did a hell of a job, and together, we put forward some of the most fair reforms ever. Speaker Johnson, it’s time to call a vote and send this bill to my desk…Look, our bipartisan border deal is the strongest our country has ever seen. It includes the most fair and humane reforms for legal immigration – and a vast majority of Congress supports it. Let’s get it done.”

Now Biden and a bipartisan group of senators are calling for measures to keep the program permanent. Initially, the measure fizzled out when Sens. James Lankford (R-OK), Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), and Chris Murphy (D-CT) tried introducing it in early 2024. Biden thinks right before the election is the prime time to run it back for another shot.

Preserving this pipeline for illegals and ensuring they are set free on what he naively calls “humanitarian parole,” Biden and his puppets want to guarantee these illegals get to stay. After all, they are almost guaranteed liberals. Stacking the deck against conservatives and proud Americans for decades to come if this passes, the long-term goal here is total domination by breeding the “America” out of the USA.

As it is, this entire situation is already sad enough. Riley died unnecessarily and in a gruesome way just outside of Augusta, GA. Using her death as a way to campaign for illegals to stay in the country is horrific and insulting. He and the rest of the liberal left should be ashamed of their actions. Too bad the whole lot doesn’t know the first damn thing about feeling guilt or shame.