Shrimpy IRS Agent Tries to Outrun James O’Keefe, and It Doesn’t Go Well

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Ollyy /

Pedestrians in the West Village in New York City were treated to a rare sight earlier this month. A shrimpy little IRS agent tried to outrun James O’Keefe of OMG Media after he had been busted in an undercover investigative journalism piece. Have you seen James O’Keefe? He’s tall and lanky and looks like he’s in pretty good physical shape. Why a miniature IRS agent would think he could outrun O’Keefe is a mystery to us, but fortunately, the whole thing was caught on camera.

Before we get to the footrace, you’re probably wondering why James O’Keefe was chasing an IRS agent through the West Village. O’Keefe typically releases an undercover journalism piece as a two-part series. In part one, an undercover journalist goes on a date with some federal bureaucrat dork. The bureaucrat then confesses and brags about all the horrible crimes that the Biden regime is committing against innocent Americans.

In part two, O’Keefe confronts the bureaucrat with their own words. Hijinks then ensue as the bureaucrat realizes they just imploded their career with their big fat mouth.

Alex Mena is the latest fed to get suckered into going on a date with an undercover OMG employee. Mena works at the Criminal Investigations Unit at the IRS. While bragging to his “date,” Mena admitted to all sorts of awful things on camera.

For example, the members of the IRS Criminal Investigations Unit are a bunch of bloodthirsty jerks who long for the opportunity to shoot and kill Americans who make mistakes on their taxes. We’re not making this up. Also, since Joe Biden has been in office, the IRS has been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to illegally snoop on the bank accounts of every American without a warrant. Mena admits on camera that he thinks the use of this AI is unconstitutional.

Mena doesn’t seem very smart. It’s obviously unconstitutional. The Biden regime and the IRS are snooping on the contents of every American’s bank account and using that information to audit and punish Americans who make mistakes on their taxes. That’s a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of every American with a bank account.

Here is Part One of this series, in which the shrimpy little Alex Mena admits to all these crimes that the IRS is committing against Americans:

In Part Two, O’Keefe tries to confront Alex Mena with his own words. This is where everything usually goes haywire in these stories. It’s always fascinating to watch how these bureaucrats react when they’ve been caught confessing to crimes on camera.

In this case, IRS Criminal Investigation Unit agent Alex Mena’s fight-or-flight instincts kicked in—and the flight instinct won. At first, he tries to deny that he’s the person speaking on camera, but then he just flat-out runs for it.

That’s how the tiny little IRS agent ended up in a hilarious chase through the West Village with the much taller, much faster James O’Keefe hot on his trail. At one point, the IRS agent tries to hide from O’Keefe and his cameraman in an alcove. They caught up to him, though, and then the chase was on again.

The only reason why Mena was able to outrun his pursuers was because O’Keefe’s cameraman had to barf. Mena managed to duck into a locked building then. The cameraman must not hit the treadmill as much as his boss.

For your enjoyment, here’s Part Two of this series, in which a shrimpy little IRS agent tries to run away from James O’Keefe: