Biden Proposal Would Increase Every American’s Water Bill by $11,150 a Year

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Zwiebackesser /

Picture how bad the economy and inflation are right now. Then imagine waking up tomorrow to discover that one of your utility bills has suddenly increased by almost $1,000 a month. Sound fun? That’s exactly what will happen if Joe Biden is reelected in November. Under a new regulation proposed by the global warming psychopaths at the Biden Environmental Protection Agency, every American household’s water bill will increase by up to $11,150 per year. The rule won’t go into effect for another year or two, so the regime is trying to keep news about this quiet until after the 2024 election.

The fake problem that the EPA is trying to fix in this instance is “forever plastics,” otherwise known as polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS. These are supposedly manmade plastics that don’t break down in the environment or inside the human body. The World Health Organization is recommending that governments limit PFAS concentration in drinking water to 100 parts per trillion.

The European Commission has limited the water supply there to 100 parts per trillion. Japan temporarily tried to limit its PFAS concentration to 50 parts per trillion a few years ago, but it was too expensive to sustain. Sweden limits most PFAS at 90 parts per trillion. Under current environmental regulations in the US, PFAS is limited to 70 parts per trillion. The Biden regime wants to lower that even further, though.

The goal of the new regulation is to limit PFAS to four (4) parts per trillion in drinking water. Straining forever plastics out of the water supply will cost American households up to $11,150 per year.

You might think that this is an idea that is too far-fetched to be real. It’s simply too crazy. What you have to remember, though, is that we’re dealing with a religious weather cult. Their leaders said it was a conspiracy theory that they wanted to ban gas stoves and then they moved to ban gas stoves. These people think they can chop a boy’s penis off and turn him into a girl. They’re not exactly subject to the constraints of reality, science, economics, or basic human decency. If they decide that they can save the weather by raising your water bill by $1,000 a month, they’ll do it.

We don’t even know if this latest PFAS boogeyman is harmful to humans. There’s no medical literature to back that assertion up, despite the recommendations from the World Health Organization. Paleontologists recently discovered PFAS in a fossil bed that’s millions of years old. It’s a safe bet that humans didn’t make those. “Forever plastics” are such a relatively new discovery that we don’t know if they’re coming from contamination, as the environmentalists believe, or if they’ve always been a natural part of our environment that we just discovered.

The Department of Defense says that this proposal will damage national security if it’s implemented. PFAS are used in critical electronics for advanced military weapons systems. If the Pentagon is ordered to limit exposure to PFAS, it says it “would greatly impact national security and DoD’s ability to fulfill its mission.”

The shocking thing is that not a single member of Congress has spoken out about this proposed regulation, either for or against it. It will just be a surprise for Americans if it goes into effect next year and their water bills suddenly skyrocket. Be sure to tell everyone you know that a vote for Joe Biden this November is a vote for their water bill to go up by $1,000 a month.