Biden Might Be Visiting the Border Finally, but He’s Going to a Very Different Place Than Trump

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If you didn’t know already, the United States’ southern border with Mexico and its chaotic immigration issues are a growing concern for Americans and voters from all walks of life. Naturally, pretty much all presidential candidates are going to have to at least pay the issue some lip service. And it’s clear by President Joe Biden’s choice of border visit locations that that is all he’s doing.

As Fox News reported, Biden visited Brownsville, Texas. While it is definitely found along the border, it isn’t a real immigration stop.

In fact, immigration is pretty much nonexistent there anymore. As the outlet reported, only 12 apprehensions were made on Monday in Brownsville.

Compare that to what Trump just visited: Eagle Pass.

At the Eagle Pass Station, apprehensions in one day usually total far more than Brownsville does in an entire week. On Monday, for example, a whopping 511 illegals tried to cross over the US border in Eagle Pass.

The differences between to two locales are quite revealing, don’t you think?

Similar to when Biden visited El Paso, Texas, in January of last year, video and images from the visits only show a minute portion of the problems facing border towns and the entire immigration system. Clearly, the idea here is to make things look as good as possible.

After all, if people see that the issues aren’t as bad as Republicans have made them out to be, then maybe Biden won’t get blamed so much for all his failures.

Of course, even the residents of Brownsville aren’t buying that. For one, the visit comes too little, too late, as usual. Secondly, it stinks of nothing more than a “dog and pony show,” as one resident called it, essentially just another clumsy PR move.

For Trump, on the other hand, his choice of a border visit shows that he wants to see and expose the problem for what it really is. Eagle Pass is by far the worst spot on the border at present in regard to illegal crossings.

Presumably, this is precisely why he chose such a location: to showcase the failings of the current immigration policies and remind us how much things could change or be better should we vote him back into office.

Plus, he’s got four previous years in office that prove he did better at handling the border than Biden has.

Biden has only four years of border failures to showcase. And so, unsurprisingly, he’s chosen a place along the border that will make it look like he’s done a pretty good job, that is if he’d done anything at all but make things worse.