Trump Sees Largest Lead Against Biden Yet

Jonah Elkowitz /
Jonah Elkowitz /

As you’ve likely heard, Donald Trump is doing well so far in the Republican primaries, taking state after state in landslide victories. But it’s not just in the primaries that he’s expected to blow the competition out of the water – and one recent poll only further points to a general election win.

Now, to be clear, polling at any stage of the election cycle doesn’t necessarily mean much. However, it can be a really good indicator of what direction the general public or voters are leaning.

And what this one says is that more people like Trump’s policies – on the economy, in particular – than Biden’s.

The poll comes from CBS, which asked 2,159 US adults about some major differences in the Trump and Biden administrations.

Naturally, a few of those questions were about the ongoing border crisis. And we all know how those were answered.

But other questions asked about the economy. One asked respondents to rate the current economy from excellent to poor. Another asked them to attach the same ratings to that during the Trump era.

An overwhelming 65 percent said that the Trump economy was excellent to good. As for the Biden economy, only 38 percent could say the same.

The poll also noted that 59 percent of those surveyed think the economy under Biden can be rated as fair to poor. Only 28 percent of voters could say that about Trump’s economy.

What this means is that Trump’s economy is preferred to Biden’s 52 to 48 percent more. As Margaret Brennan of CBS pointed out, this is Trump’s “largest general election lead yet.”

Of course, as executive director of elections and surveys at CBS, Anthony Salvanto, says, part of this massive lead is because Biden’s campaign has not done a good of “inspiring” voters this go round.

Meanwhile, Trump carries tons of inspiration with him wherever he goes.