Biden’s Latest Slip Up, “We Can’t Be Trusted” 

Salma Bashir /
Salma Bashir /

President Joe Biden recently added to his list of gaffes an admission that his administration can’t be trusted and that it’s taking social media by storm. 

While attempting to disparage former President Donald Trump during a Florida rally in Tampa, Florida, last week, Biden confidently announced, “In a sense, I don’t know why we’re surprised by Trump,” adding the nugget, “How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?” 

How many times, indeed? 

It didn’t take long for the Biden-ism to hit social media. RedState columnist Buzz Patterson posted, “If they tell you who they are, believe them,” a sly reference to Biden’s oft-repeated claims that when Trump says he will be a “dictator on day one, “you should believe him.” 

Babylon Bee quickly noted that the admission was Biden’s own and “not satire.” 

But it was just one in a string of verbal missteps in the same week. Appearing before a Steelworkers Union meeting, Biden proudly told the members that their union was “the first to endorse him.” It was the same line he used in front of the United Auto Workers earlier this year. 

He also boasted that he drew a hardline with Israel and instructed them not to “move on Haifa.” 

Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel. It’s a good bet that Benjamin Netanyahu took Biden’s words to heart and called off the pending “military invasion” of his own city. 

In late March, Biden took the opportunity to insert himself in a Baltimore tragedy by reminiscing about the times he had commuted across the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge “either on a train or by car.” It would have struck a sympathetic nerve for his audience had the bridge had railroad tracks. 

It’s not Biden’s first claim to be part of a national tragedy. He’s the Forrest Gump of the White House, seemingly taking an active role in every incident on American soil and overseas. The president has inaccurately stated that he was present at Ground Zero the day following the Sept. 11 attacks, despite his own book confirming he was in Washington, DC, on Sept. 12. Additionally, he has falsely claimed to have “watched” a Pittsburgh bridge collapse, when in reality he visited the site several hours after the incident occurred. 

April has been a busy month for Biden gaffes. Between the claim that cannibals ate his uncle, the debunked repetition of the lie about being arrested for being on a porch with a Black family during the desegregation of Lynnfield, Delaware, and his reading of a teleprompt instruction to “pause” as part of his speech, the Biden gaffe machine has been working overtime. 

He told Arizonians to vote for him because he is in “the 20th century.” He told kids the “Oyster Bunny” had hidden eggs on the White House lawn.  

He claimed to have spoken with late German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 2021, despite the leader’s passing in 2017. And in March, Biden gaffed himself into a corner by identifying French President Emmanuel Macron as Francois Mitterrand, his late predecessor, and claiming Mitterrand was “from Germany.” 

Biden’s repeated disengagement from the truth only cements fears of his age and mental decline, especially in light of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report that the President is mentally unfit to face charges for retaining classified documents. 

Last week, Biden urged followers to choose unity over division, truth over lies, and freedom over democracy. Because, he dramatically claimed during his speech, “That’s America.” 

It’s not just America laughing at Biden. His gaffes are recognized across the world. In Italy, the satire show Fratelli di Crozza started its new season with a Saturday Night Live-style spoof of Biden. In the opening segment, the show depicted an aging Biden stumbling across the stage and missing the podium. He collected himself and began an impassioned speech about Israeli President, “Michael Gorbachev.”  

The scene ends with Biden fumbling around in a briefcase for his medications and pressing a red button to call a nurse. Of course, the red button detonates a nuclear launch, and the scene ends with an explosion. 

In another segment, the show depicts an aging Biden falling while walking just before he addresses an audience. Introducing himself as “Joe Kennedy,” the clip features a confused and bumbling Biden, who is confusing world leaders’ names and humorously referring to Germany’s Chancellor as Schwarzenegger. 

You don’t have to speak Italian to understand that the skit is both hilarious and embarrassing for the United States. 

But the question remains, and it is a good one. How many times must Trump prove that Biden can’t be trusted? Trump is most likely done with that. It seems the Biden administration is proving it on its own without Trump’s help.