Cold Stone Creamery Sued for Popular Flavor

Trever Gearhart /
Trever Gearhart /

In this day and age, it’s all too common to digest “artificial” flavors. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for people to get upset over nothing and be petty.

This is a case of the former leading to the latter and in which someone got so upset about “artificial” flavors that they sued over a $5 scoop of ice cream.

According to the UK’s Guardian, a woman from Long Island entered a Cold Stone Creamery in July 2022. There, she ordered a scoop of pistachio ice cream, a favorite for many.

However, late on, and after eating all of the ice cream, the woman decided, for whatever reason, to look up the ingredients of Cold Stone’s frozen dessert. On the ingredient list, she was disappointed to find that rather than actual pistachios, her treat contained “pistachio flavoring.”

Apparently, this was enough to cause a now two-year long lawsuit, which has now been put before the Eastern District Court of New York in Brooklyn with federal judge Gary Brown presiding over it.

And no, I am not kidding.

According to Business Insider, the woman said she “reasonably believed” that her dessert would contain pistachios. And apparently, “heartbreak followed” when she found out it did not. Oh, the tragedy…

Naturally, the woman’s legal team compiled an absurd amount of evidence, including a survey saying that about 85 percent of consumers usually believe that when they order something labeled as pistachio it will actually contain pistachios.

To be sure, it is a logical assumption. Then again, in today’s age, as we all know, “artificial” has become the norm for many food items, so many we shouldn’t be all that surprised.

It was also mentioned that Cold Stone claimed “natural flavor” was included, hinting that there should be some actual pistachio in the ice cream. But, if you didn’t know, saying it’s “natural” only means that it be derived from a plant or animal, according to Healthline. It doesn’t specify which “natural” element exists.

In any case, the whole thing is completely absurd – and far more than a waste of hard-earned time and taxpayer dollars – again, all for a $5 scoop of ice cream…