Big Surprise, the UN Discovers Gaza Lied to Them About the Number of Kid Deaths

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Ever since the October 7th Hamas-led invasion of Israel, fighters have been falling back into Gaza and claiming Palestine did nothing wrong. Since then, the pro-Palestine machine has been running at full strength, churning out anti-Israeli propaganda. Naturally, the United Nations (UN) has been blindly accepting their inflated claims at face value and reporting them as solid facts.

A new article by the Jerusalem Post highlighted data recently released by the UN about the conflict. Although the UN released its data with a disclaimer that its figures were not from independent sources and that none of the figures had been verified, it still posted its data without shame.

According to the Jerusalem Post on May 6th, the UN reported that “34,735 people had reportedly been killed in Gaza, including over 9,500 women and over 14,500 children.” Just two days later the UN released new figures, and according to the outlet, they went down by an astonishing figure. UN was now claiming “34,844 people had reportedly been killed, including 4,959 women and 7,797 children.”

This kind of change shows that Hamas was putting its finger on the scale to tip the numbers in a manner that would make Israel look incredibly heartless. Yet, time after time, evidence has emerged of the Israelis warning refuges to move and to get out of dodge as they want to smoke out Hamas.

For years now, people across the globe have been suspicious of the numbers being touted by the UN. Their figures in various conflicts have always seemed to be a bit suspicious, and this only confirms just how little work they do to verify their “facts.” It might not be a big surprise to Americans who have been paying attention, but seeing it so blatantly is horrific.