Conservative Reporter Abruptly De-Banked without Explanation

Andrey_Popov /
Andrey_Popov /

An independent conservative journalist has had her Bank of America account shut down without warning or explanation. Christina Urso, who also goes by the online moniker of Radix Verum, says Bank of America wouldn’t even allow her to withdraw her funds to try to find another bank to do business with. While she has received no explanation for why she was de-banked, Urso believes it’s because her most recent documentary film annoyed the Democrat Party’s personal Gestapo – the FBI.

That film was titled, “Kidnap and Kill: An FBI Terror Plot.” It was about the fake kidnapping plot that the FBI carried out in 2020, in which they tried to frame a man for leading a “militia group.” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) had tears in her eyes when she announced that the FBI had arrested 13 men who were plotting to kidnap and murder her—conveniently right before the 2020 election.

It was only at the trial two years later that 12 of the 13 militia members were FBI informants. The “ringleader” of the so-called militia group was a slightly autistic man who lived in the basement of a vacuum repair shop and spent most of his days smoking weed. The entire plot was just another operation by the Democrat Party’s personal Gestapo to try to paint ordinary Americans and MAGA conservatives as “domestic extremists.”

At any rate, Urso believes the documentary that she made about the FBI’s fake plot is why she finds herself suddenly broke and unable to access any of her money. Bank of America has told her that they’ll eventually send her a check in the mail but hasn’t given her any timeframe as to when she’ll get her funds back.

Urso was supposed to be traveling at the end of this month to promote the documentary, but now she’s completely broke. The bills that she had set up on autopay through Bank of America are now being declined. She also has staff on her documentary crew that she has been unable to pay.

While Democrats and their media lapdogs like to pretend that they don’t even know what de-banking is, the practice has been going on for years now. Back in 2019, JP Morgan Chase suddenly de-banked multiple high-profile conservatives without explanation. The list of de-banked individuals included Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys who is currently serving a prison sentence over January 6th, even though he wasn’t in Washington, DC the day of the protest. Joe Biggs from InfoWars, conservative activist Laura Loomer, and performance artist Martina Markova were also de-banked by Chase.

Chase has also closed the accounts of multiple conservative organizations, such as the pro-life Arkansas Family Council, and legal groups like Defense of Liberty and the National Committee for Religious Freedom. Likewise, Bank of America has previously debanked Indigenous Advance Ministries and Christian preacher and podcaster Lance Wallnau.

While multiple red states have taken steps to stop the banks from abusing their customers like this, Congress has been slow to act. Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi have all taken concrete steps to stop banks from shutting down bank accounts over political or religious beliefs. Both Arizona and Tennessee are expected to pass new bills against de-banking later this year.

De-banking someone because of their political beliefs is the literal definition of fascism. You’d think Republicans in Congress would be moving faster to try to stop financial institutions from abusing GOP voters. Then again, Republicans in Congress don’t seem interested in doing much of anything to help their voters these days.

Here is the trailer for Christina Urso’s documentary film. This is the sort of thing that will get you de-banked in America in 2024: