Biden Begs for Black Votes at Morehouse While Daydreaming About Gaza Ceasefire

Michael F. Hiatt /
Michael F. Hiatt /

President Joe Biden’s recent commencement address at Morehouse College was a prime example of the out-of-touch rhetoric we’ve come to expect from this administration. Speaking to a crowd of eager graduates, Biden’s speech was less about celebrating their achievements and more about pushing a tired political agenda. This wasn’t a heartfelt send-off for young adults entering the workforce—it was a campaign stop, plain and simple.

Biden took the opportunity to champion his administration’s policies, painting a rosy picture of progress under his leadership. He emphasized the importance of unity and the fight against systemic racism, but let’s be honest—these are the same empty promises we’ve been hearing for years. Under Biden’s watch, inflation has soared, crime rates have skyrocketed, and our national security is more precarious than ever. How does this help new graduates facing a challenging job market?

One of the more eye-roll-inducing moments was when Biden mentioned his administration’s student debt relief efforts. He touted the pause on federal student loan payments and his plan to cancel debt for some borrowers. Still, he needs to address the real issue: the skyrocketing cost of education. Throwing taxpayer money at the problem without addressing the root cause is a band-aid solution at best. These graduates need real reform that lowers tuition costs and increases job opportunities. These not more government handouts push our country further into debt.

Moreover, Biden’s remarks on racial justice were a masterclass in virtue signaling. He spoke about the need to address inequality and the legacy of discrimination. Yet, his policies have done little to improve the lives of everyday Americans, regardless of race. It’s easy to talk about unity and justice, but where is the action? Our cities are plagued with crime, and economic disparity is growing. The Biden administration seems more focused on symbolic gestures than on implementing real change.

Biden also boasted about his economic policies, claiming that his administration has created millions of jobs and reduced unemployment. However, the reality on the ground tells a different story. Many of the jobs “created” were restored after pandemic-related layoffs. Small businesses are still struggling, and inflation continues to erode the purchasing power of hardworking Americans. The job market these graduates are entering is far from the robust economy Biden describes.

The president’s comments on climate change were another example of his disconnect from the real world. Biden reiterated his commitment to transitioning to clean energy and reducing carbon emissions. While these goals sound noble, they come at a cost. Policies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels have led to higher energy prices, hurting families and businesses. The push for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources is admirable. Still, without practical and affordable alternatives in place, these initiatives do more harm than good.

Biden’s speech was filled with lofty ideals and grand promises but lacked substance.  The administration is more interested in maintaining power and appeasing its base than in addressing the genuine concerns of the American people. These graduates deserved a speech acknowledging their hard work and offering practical advice for the future, not a political rally in disguise.

Biden’s commencement address at Morehouse College was a missed opportunity. Instead of providing genuine inspiration and practical solutions, he delivered a rehash of his administration’s talking points. This speech was more about shoring up support for his faltering presidency than celebrating the graduates’ achievements. The American people, especially the young adults entering a challenging world, deserve better than this. It’s time for leaders who are in touch with reality and committed to making fundamental changes that benefit all Americans.