Hamas Cures Depression, According to Lizzo

Ben Houdijk / shutterstock.com
Ben Houdijk / shutterstock.com

In a short selfie-style video posted exclusively to her Instagram, Lizzo came out of hiding following recent allegations that she had abused employees while on tour. Saying she wanted “to take a second and give a personal thank-you to all of the activists who have been working tirelessly to help the liberation and the freedom of the people who have been genocided all over the world, specifically Palestine, Sudan, and the Congo.”

Focused on the “depression” she claims to have faced as of late, she ignored the other elephant in the room of her legal problems and instead chose to focus on the pro-Hamas crowd. Their recent posts calling out Lizzo and other celebrities who haven’t already sold out for Palestine/Hamas have been working shockingly well. Refusing to stand up for Israel or even what’s right, they instead pander to the message as dictated by the left.

Careful to avoid saying the words “Hamas,” “Israel,” or “Jewish,” she made sure that anyone with a functional grasp of the English language could read between the lines. She also failed to mention the hostages still being held after being taken at an Israeli music festival or the genocidal and antisemitic chants frequently coming from the very protestors she was thanking.

Messages like this from Lizzo only serve to solidify the campaigns against Israel. The liberal left flock to people like her as a symbol of being different and someone they claim they can align their values and way of life. Yet everything she stands for isn’t different or unique. It’s just more of the downward slide of society towards liberal communism, and they gobble it up whole.