Chicago PD Needs Four Hours To Respond to a Robbery

Jonathan Weiss /
Jonathan Weiss /

Looking at Chicago’s statistics, it becomes clear that the city is more like a warzone than a major American metropolis. That’s why the city has earned the nickname with a built-in warning of “Chriraq.” After decades of Democrats leading the city and some of the worst corruption known to man, it’s no wonder that crime makes itself at home with a massively understaffed police force.

According to a new report from NBC 5 Chicago, a woman named Michelle recently left the door of her home open to let her dog outside just a little after noon. Seeing that moment of vulnerability, that’s when two masked thieves let themselves in. When Michelle saw the duo and started screaming that she was calling the cops, they immediately bolted out the door. Racing out after them with another man joining her, she pursued them for a brief bit and then called 911.

Speaking with dispatch, she was told to stay outside of her own home and wait for law enforcement to arrive. Waiting patiently, she called 911 multiple times when the police failed to show up promptly. Reaching six calls for the same issue, she told NBC 5 that’s when she requested a supervisor.

“A gentleman got on and said sorry to say we have no units to send you…then there was an awkward pause. He also recommended I call my alderman and I said why – and he said encourage him to hire more police. The dispatcher also asked me if I would consider defending myself …if I had a weapon or considered getting one.”

Finally, four hours later, Michelle had law enforcement arrive. She said that when the officers arrived on the scene, they were incredibly apologetic for the delay. When NBC 5 spoke to Chicago PD, they claimed they were told that the 911 system may have prioritized other calls before hers.

In a statement, 1st Ward Alderman Daniel La Spata claims to be in contact with the 12th District Police and their leadership. Expressing his support for his section of the city, he says they are working out plans to put a satellite office on the west side of the city.

His statement does not include exactly how they plan to staff such an office. Vastly underpaid, underfunded, and overworked, the Chicago PD is doing a dangerous and largely thankless job with little to no support from city leadership. If Chicago wants to fix the problem, this isn’t going to get it done. Instead, it just makes their dumpster fire of a city look better on paper.