Florida Student Caught Smuggling Toxins, Illegal Drugs to Her Masters in Communist China

OneSideProFoto / shutterstock.com
OneSideProFoto / shutterstock.com

We have become a nation of embarrassing and soft fools. Yet another Chinese student has been arrested at an elite American university for stealing biological weapons and smuggling them back to her masters in the Communist Chinese Party. The Department of Justice says that the Chinese student that they’ve arrested is just one member of a group that has been carrying out this scheme for the past seven years. The research lab has apparently been crawling with Chinese students for years who have been mailing samples of narcotics and biochemical weapons back home.

The main suspect is named Nongnong Zheng. Yeah. Nongnong. Just like Eric Swalwell’s girlfriend Fang Fang. These broads might as well be wearing a T-shirt that says, “Hello! I am an obvious Chinese spy with a fake name, but you Americans have had so many booster shots that you are too stupid to even suspect me!” The back of the shirt could read, “Will sleep with Members of Congress for classified intelligence.”

Nongnong is accused of ordering samples of purified cholera toxin and pertussis toxin, which causes whooping cough, to the University of Florida research lab where she worked. Because it’s a research lab, the DOJ says she was also able to order and procure small amounts of fentanyl, morphine, ecstasy, coke, ketamine, codeine, meth, amphetamines, acetylmorphine, and methadone. The Chinese students smuggled all of those back home as well. They probably delivered them right to the lab in Wuhan.

This is just the latest example of the non-stop espionage that the CCP has been carrying out against the United States. The US Navy says they’ve caught more than 100 illegal aliens from China trying to breach sensitive areas on our naval bases this year. Chinese students are constantly getting caught stealing valuable research, intelligence, or biochemical substances.

This would be the easiest problem in the world for Congress to fix if we weren’t such a nation of morons. They could pass a law tomorrow that says that foreign students from nations that are hostile to the United States are welcome to come to our country and attend one of our fine community colleges or state colleges. Unfortunately, spots in our elite research universities are off limits to foreign students from China, Iran, North Korea, etc., etc. Have a nice day.

Bang! The problem could be solved overnight.

But we’re so afraid of being called “racists” that we allow obvious foreign spies to come to our universities and steal freakin’ cholera samples!

Last year, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new Florida law that limits the state’s universities from recruiting students and faculty from China. The law also bans Chinese students from getting jobs in research labs without special permission.

See if you can guess which University of Florida student protested that law the most obnoxiously.

Yeah. That would be Nongnong the Chinese spy. She was the president of the University of Florida’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association, and she led the student protests against the passage of the law.

Imagine what would happen if an American student attending a university in China tried to pull a stunt like that. They’d wake up in a gulag missing a kidney.

How did the professors running this prestigious research laboratory not notice the fact that samples of biochemical weapons were going missing for seven years? If we are a nation of such idiots that we can’t stop the obvious and easy things like this, we deserve everything that China is going to do to us a few years from now.