Crook Zelensky Just Spent $200M on a 5-Star Beachfront Casino in Cyprus

Oleksandr Osipov /
Oleksandr Osipov /

Aren’t you glad that Congress just sent another $61 billion in American taxpayer money to Ukraine? We can tell you one person who is really happy about it: Mrs. Zelensky! Her husband, the corrupt and unelected dictator running Ukraine, just plunked down $200 million to purchase a beachfront casino resort in the Mediterranean Sea nation of Cyprus. Gee, we wonder where Volodymyr Zelensky could have gotten the $200 million he used to buy a luxury casino in the middle of a war that he’s badly losing? Can anyone solve this big mystery?

Turkish media outlets first reported the bombshell news a few days ago. Zelensky was a comedian by trade before he was installed as Ukraine’s dictator by the CIA a few years ago. He owns a holding company called Film Heritage, Inc. According to Turkish media reports, Film Heritage, Inc. just purchased the five-star, luxury Vuni Palace casino in Cyprus for $200 million.

Consider how weird that is for a second.

Volodymyr Zelensky was a “celebrity” in Ukraine, the single most impoverished nation in Europe. Even though he was a famous comedian who was on television all the time, he never earned more than the equivalent of about $30,000 USD per year as a Ukrainian celebrity. By way of comparison, even the least funny cast members on Saturday Night Live here in the US make $25,000 per episode.

When he was installed as the “president,” Zelensky got a big salary bump. He now makes the equivalent of about $47,443 per year. While that may be “rich” by Ukrainian standards, it doesn’t explain the wild spending sprees that Mr. and Mrs. Zelensky have been going on ever since Joe Biden’s proxy war with Russia started.

For example, in December 2022, Mrs. Zelensky was spotted Christmas shopping in Paris. It was still the first year of the war, and Mrs. Zelensky spent $30,000 on Christmas presents at just one of the luxury boutiques that she visited. We don’t know what she spent in all the other stores, because the press couldn’t find any employees to spill the beans.

In April of this year, Volodymyr Zelensky purchased the former summer home of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the UK. He reportedly paid more than $25 million USD to buy the historic Highgrove House.

And now the unelected dictator, who canceled the elections in Ukraine last month so he could stay in power, has plopped down $200 million to purchase a luxury casino in Cyprus. It’s a nice casino. When you consider the fact that it has waterfront views of the beautiful eastern Mediterranean Sea, it’s probably nicer than many of the casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

This all raises an obvious question. How is a guy who would qualify for food stamps if he lived in America coming up with boatloads of cash to spend on luxury properties in foreign countries?

We all know the answer, even if the criminals working in what we call the US Congress won’t admit to it. Ukraine is one giant money-laundering operation for the elites. Zelensky is just spending his piece of the $61 billion pie that Congress just forced you to pay for.

As for the Ukrainian government, its propagandists are now claiming that Zelensky’s purchase of Vuni Palace is “Russian disinformation.” Right. Just like Hunter Biden’s laptop!

You be the judge. Does this sound like “Russian disinformation,” or does it look like Zelensky is an even bigger crook than we thought: