Shock Report: All New Jobs in the Past Year Have Gone to Illegal Aliens

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If you’ve been scratching your head and wondering why all the White House economists claim that the economy is “white hot,” you’re not alone. Most Americans have noticed the discrepancy by now. The Biden regime keeps talking about all the new jobs that have been created—and yet your nephew with the engineering degree from a prestigious university can’t find a job anywhere. What’s going on?

The latest jobs report from the Biden regime continues to paint a rosy picture. Look at all the new jobs created! The reality is that all those created jobs are scab work that a monkey could do. The types of jobs that a skilled American could support a family on are not being created.

More than 660,000 jobs vanished in America during the pandemic. In the post-pandemic era, since Joe Biden has been in charge, the US has added back around 414,000 jobs. The fact is that those 414,000 new jobs are all part-time jobs that go to foreign invaders who will work for less than minimum wage.

Economists see one job added to the economy as one job, regardless of its quality. So, if an illegal alien gets a job for $3 an hour at the chicken factory smashing McNuggets together, but an American with a good college degree can’t find a job anywhere, the economists view that as a net positive.

All of the new jobs in the past year that Biden is claiming prove he has the best economy ever have gone to illegal aliens. This is the ugly truth that they are hiding in the job numbers. Jesse Kelly explained this phenomenon best in a post on X: