Dem Task Force Preemptively Hamstrings a Trump Presidency

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It seems that Democrats have told the “Trump is dangerous to democracy” lie so often that they believe it themselves. Overly concerned House Democrats worry that Trump might act on all the things they manufactured for his presidential agenda, have put together a task force to stop him from doing things he never said he would do to begin with.  

It’s a bitter flavor of Kool-Aid that the Dems are sipping. The task force, optimistically called the Stop Project 2025 Task Force, plans to thwart their cartoonish predictions for a second Trump term while outlining, yet again, just how dangerous his presidency would be, just in case voters somehow missed the message. 

That’s if, of course, he acted out the dizzying array of non-existent threats liberals are accusing him of making. 

The brainchild, or in this case, brain-dead child, of Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA), the Stop Project 2025 task force is designed to “mount resistance” ahead of a Trump victory. “This time they’ve figured it out,” fretted Huffman. “They’re going to be coming fast and furious.” 

Other members of the Democratic task force include Reps. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), chair of the Progressive Caucus; Judy Chu (D-CA), chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus; Diana DeGette (D-CO), co-chair of the Pro-Choice Caucus; Nanette Barragán (D-CA), chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; Jamie Raskin (D-MD), co-chair of the Congressional Freethought Caucus; Ted Lieu (D-CA), vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus; and Mark Pocan (D-WI), chair of the Equality Caucus and Labor Caucus. 

Among some of the hilarious antics Democrats have decided Trump will do during his second term are firing squads, banning abortion nationwide, deploying the US military against citizens, and deporting 11 million people. Kicking puppies and drowning kittens hasn’t been explicitly highlighted, although they are certainly well within the scope of a Trump second term.  

Of all these Democratic fantasies, the only one that Trump has said he is considering is mass deportations, an idea resonating with voters ahead of the 2024 election. 

Democrats think they have the playbook down, insisting that Trump will follow Project 2025, a 925 blueprint given to Trump by the Heritage Foundation.  

It’s rather bold of liberals to assume Trump has had free time to peruse the material, as incredibly as busy as they have kept him in court. 

Liberals add a caveat – Trump has never even hinted that he would follow the extreme Project 2025 outline. But they are quick to point out that his stated desire to remove illegal immigrants and close the border kind of resembles the plan. 

Huffman stated that the task force plans to collaborate with think tanks and scholars to organize public forums before the Nov. 5 election. Each forum will be overseen by a different Democratic legislator, focusing on particular sections of the Project 2025 policy book. These forums’ descriptions bring to mind episodes of The View, with a healthy dose of Morning Joe alarmism sprinkled on top. 

These flames of self-indulgent alarmism are further flamed by Obama administration “foreign policy experts” operating under an advocacy group known as National Security Action. According to this group, Trump plans to somehow start a war in Mexico (not with it, but in it), carrying out mass executions and pardoning “violent January 6 insurrectionists” who dared to wave MAGA signs menacingly during a protest. 

Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman observes, unironically, that Biden talks about democracy as often as he does to remind voters that “freedoms can be taken” without citizens being aware of their erosion. “You can lose your freedoms,” she said. “You can lose your democracies.”  

She does have a valid point. The Biden presidency, founded on censorship, lies, corruption, and politicized institutions, is proof of her claims. 

Sherman said that it’s vital for the media and lawmakers to continue to spell out why Trump’s nonexistent plans are a monumental threat to an already crumbling democracy. She said that by November, it would be too late. She warns that voters will have an “ah-ha moment” about “what’s really at stake here.” 

But voters have had that ah-ha moment already, and that’s why Trump leads Biden at the polls. Biden is the existential threat to democracy, and no task force can stop the damage he has brought to a once proud nation.