Biden Says Crime is Down as Illegal Aliens Are Raping Family Pets to Death

Gorodenkoff /
Gorodenkoff /

You really have to hand it to the Democrat Party when they decide they have to fake the American people out for an election. They go all-in on it. They’re able to coordinate conspiracies at a nationwide level that put the GOP to shame. The latest fake narrative that they’re rolling out is that crime has plummeted thanks to Joe Biden’s policies. That’s right, America! It’s your imagination that cities have descended into crime-ridden hell holes in the past three years. And it’s all because Law-and-Order Joe is keeping everyone safe!

When we mention the “Democrat Party” these days, we’re also referring to the FBI, which is directly involved in this “Look how Joe Biden is lowering crime” nonsense. According to the FBI, here’s how much crime plummeted in the United States during the first quarter of 2024:

  • Murders are down by 26.4%
  • Rape went down by 25.7%
  • Robbery was down 17.8%
  • Aggravated assault decreased by 12.5%
  • Property crimes are down by 15.1%

Amazing! Thank you, Joe Biden! It was all because of you doing the… uh… you know, the thing!

Here’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre gaslighting everyone about how the new sheriff in town—Joe Biden—has made America the safest it’s been in more than 50 years:

So, how do they pull this nonsense off? People started noticing that violent crime was on the rise during Joe Biden’s first year in office. He was letting giant hordes of illegal alien lunatics and rapists into the country. Crazy people were shoving innocent bystanders onto subway tracks. Everyone noticed this and it has been one of Biden’s biggest negatives going into the 2024 campaign, trailing only the economy and illegal immigration.

Crime has risen catastrophically because of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens, to the point where we are now seeing horrific crimes reported like Americans have never seen before. For example, 19-year-old Bani Mezquititla was arrested in Asbury Park, New Jersey the other day. He’s accused of raping someone’s pet kitty cat to death and dumping its body in an alley near his apartment building.

Seriously, WTF?!

Anyway, where are they coming up with these ridiculous stats claiming that crime has “plummeted” because of all the nothing-in-particular that Joe Biden has done?

We have the answer! Back in 2021, when it became obvious that crime was getting out of control now that Joe Biden was wrecking the country, 36% of cities across America stopped reporting their crime statistics to the FBI. They all stopped doing it at the exact same time, which means it was a coordinated effort to gaslight the American people. All the biggest Democrat-run cities that are more dangerous to live in than Afghanistan, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, and Nashville, are no longer reporting crime stats to the FBI.

The FBI compiles national crime statistics every year, which used to give us a real metric for how we were doing as a country. Now that the FBI is an arm of the Democrat Party, they decided to not let everyone know that 36% of America’s big cities are no longer included in the crime stats. If you subtract just Chicago alone, that would make a huge dip in violent crime for the nation.

It’s all smoke and mirrors with this Potemkin Village Biden regime. They pull this stunt with everything. They no longer include groceries and gasoline when calculating the inflation rate, so Joe Biden can run around claiming that inflation is down. It’s all lies. Inflation is not going down, America has not added millions of new jobs under Joe Biden, and violent crime is not decreasing. Keep your family pets safe because Joe Biden is lying to you.