62% of Voters Favor Deporting Illegal Immigrants 

KongNoi / shutterstock.com
KongNoi / shutterstock.com

It’s the latest devastating news for President Joe Biden. Americans do not want his continued immigration flood at the border, and a majority of voters would back mass deportations of immigrants who are already in the country illegally. 

According to a survey by CBS News/YouGov, 62% of registered voters support the idea of a new government program to deport all foreign nationals living in the U.S. illegally. This includes 88% of Republicans, 60% of independents, and 38% of Democrats who would back this legislation. 

Additionally, the survey also revealed that 62% of respondents support allowing local law enforcement to attempt to identify illegal immigrants living in the United States. 

Almost half of those surveyed (49%) think that if Biden is re-elected, there will be more attempts by aliens to cross the border, compared to only 5% who said the same would happen if Donald Trump wins in November. A significant 70% indicated that attempted border crossings would decrease if Trump won, while 20% said the same would happen if Biden won. 

While a significant majority of voters support efforts to remove unauthorized immigrants violating U.S. sovereignty, mainstream media journalists, who often defend Biden’s approach to immigration, do not want Americans to know. These administration-approved journalists continue to criticize Trump’s promise to execute the “largest domestic deportation operation in American history” if elected in November. 

After the shocking revelation that Biden does not have the upper hand on immigration, Lauren Wright, an associate research scholar at Princeton University, proposed that the approval for large-scale deportation could be rooted in a fundamental, instinctive response to the chaotic images of the border often shown in the media. She highlighted that these visuals have a powerful impact, stressing their considerable influence on public perception. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the same poll revealed that support for legal immigration has dropped to its lowest point since 2013. Wright attributed this decline to the persistent border issues and inconsistent immigration policies, which have undermined public trust in the system’s capability to handle immigration efficiently. 

However, Biden seems to have gotten the message and attempted to close the floodgates he opened as soon as he could hold the executive pen. He recently signed an executive order allowing U.S. officials to deport numerous migrants without processing asylum claims until border crossings fall below 1,500 per day.  

Despite this action, Trump remains viewed as tougher on border issues, with many Americans believing his policies would better curb illegal immigration. 

CBS News’ Anthony Salvanto appeared perplexed by the recent poll on immigration and what it represents. People are fed up with illegal immigration, and it’s becoming clear that voters on both sides of the aisle feel the frustration. Salvanto suggested that the increasingly widespread support for deportation is primarily a call for action rather than an endorsement of specific policy details. He indicated that the polls reveal a “disconnect” between the challenges of immigration enforcement and the public perception of those challenges. 

Similarly, CBS Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan expressed shock over the findings, noting that the Biden administration had already repatriated or deported more people in the past twelve months than “any year since 2010.” She seemed blithely unaware that this stat was only made possible because of the millions of illegal immigrants that Biden has allowed across the border. 

Brennan further expressed the belief that Trump’s proposals were potentially against the law and that it was “infeasible” to “gather up children,” a concern that some courts echo. 

His views align with expert opinions that, despite strong public support for deportation, implementing such policies would be difficult. Additionally, legal restrictions and limited resources make the logistics of large-scale deportations impossible. 

Slightly less than half (46%) believe the president’s executive order on illegal immigration is not sufficiently strict. Meanwhile, 17% find it overly stringent, and 31% think it strikes the right balance. Biden’s too-little-too-late action on the border is widely seen as a political ploy to sway voters, which is unlikely to give him an edge at the polls in November.