Dominion Voting Machines Derail Chaotic Puerto Rican Elections

Pamela Brick /
Pamela Brick /

The voting machines that were the center of controversy in the stolen 2020 election in America have just caused another electoral train wreck—this time in the Puerto Rican primaries. Dominion Voting Systems machines were used across the island nation for the primary elections, and the results were nothing short of catastrophic.

Election officials in Puerto Rico say that some machines recorded zero votes for certain candidates. In other cases, the machines reversed the vote totals and declared the loser of a race to be the winner. On some machines, the number of votes that were tallied was less than the number of ballots cast.

In other words, it was an exact repeat of the fake and stolen 2020 election that gave us four years of Joe Biden, skyrocketing inflation, wars around the globe, and gas stove bans.

More than 6,000 voting machines were used for the primaries in Puerto Rico, and the result was hundreds of discrepancies that had to be cleared up. Election officials there now say they’re reviewing their contract with Dominion because they don’t want to go through the same debacle in the general election this November.

Even though they have certified the races, and no candidate is contesting the results, election officials admit that 121 polling places recorded zero votes for any candidates. That’s a disaster.

None of us should be comforted by the fact that Dominion’s machines—which apparently don’t work at all in some cases—are going to be used in 28 states again this November. We’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t bother voting this November. But if you have any alternative to voting on a Dominion machine, you might want to look into that now.