Liberal Logic: Solar Panels Are More Important Than Having Enough Food

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Large-scale solar farms have become such a racket in Great Britain that tenant farmers are being kicked out to make way for ugly and inefficient solar panels. Sadly, the government is facilitating this practice for foreign investors, at the risk of disrupting the food supply. The former head of Britain’s farming union is now trying to sound the alarm on the practice, right as the UK government is on the verge of a major political shift.

Here in the continental US, we have a lot of available public lands. Most people aren’t even aware of the way that politicians like Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom are destroying the natural environment to slap up ugly and inefficient solar farms (Made in China). The UK doesn’t have the luxury of excess lands, however. Their amount of arable farmland is limited by the fact that they’re a small island nation.

Minette Batters is the ex-president of the National Farmers’ Union in the UK. She says that British farmers are now under a two-pronged attack from their own government.

First, the British government is paying landowners to not grow crops, if they agree to lease the land to the government to put up solar panel farms. Solar panels, of course, are made from toxic materials that are poisonous to the environment (and people). Therefore, any farmer who opts for this scheme is wrecking the soil quality of their farm for generations to come.

Ms. Batters says the offer is too tempting for many farmers, however. The government is paying the equivalent of about $600 US dollars per acre for farmers to destroy their land with solar farms.

Second, the British government continues to allow foreign investors—primarily from China—to gobble up available farmland in the UK.

“We are a country up for sale,” warns Batters. “We are selling off land to people who don’t pay their taxes here. It does have to change.”

The current politicians in the UK are happy to let foreign private equity firms gobble up British farmland. One of the main strategies of the globalist doctrine is to destroy national independence, which is assured by food production more than anything else. If enough farmland in the UK is sold or destroyed with solar panels, the country will become dependent on other nations for its food. It’s a tactic that governments have used against their own people since the days of the Roman Empire.

The deliberate destruction of family farms for the global warming agenda, which is really just a global communism agenda, is something we’re seeing across Europe and here in the US. Just a few months ago, Joe Biden’s “climate czar,” John Kerry, told an audience of unelected EU autocrats that stopping farming was a critical piece of solving climate change.

He didn’t say the quiet part out loud, which is that mass starvation will be a great way to get rid of millions—or perhaps billions—of bipedal carbon emitters (otherwise known as human beings).

The good news for British farmers and everyone else is that globalist politicians are being smashed in national elections across Europe this year. Great Britain is expected to have a completely new and nationalistic government later this year. Batters hopes that the new government will take a more common-sense and pro-British approach to land use. She’s encouraging the government to adopt more protections for traditional farming and British landowners, rather than continuing to sell the country out from under the British people.