Undercover FBI Agent Confirms Jan 6 Plants and Informants in Crowd 

Thomas Hengge / shutterstock.com
Thomas Hengge / shutterstock.com

Derek Myers, a former confidential FBI human source, is stepping forward to confirm what January 6 “conspiracy theorists” have known all along – the alleged “insurrection” was fueled by the FBI. According to Myers, hundreds of undercover informants and agents were used to incriminate supporters of former President Donald Trump as they gathered outside the Capitol Building on that fateful day. 

These agents, called “human assets,” are encouraged to participate in activities that break the law within a “specific set of parameters” without legal repercussions. This is how, according to Myers, human sources working with drug dealers can receive a “pass” on smuggling drugs as part of a more extensive sting operation. Myers explained that agents sign paperwork clarifying what is and is not permissible during the “free pass,” and he should know. 

He was one of the agents recruited to infiltrate the crowd on January 6, 2021. 

This is why, Myers claims, some of the individuals seen breaking laws during the riot have yet to be arrested or even “identified” by the FBI for their actions, despite the agency’s ongoing investigations and arrests three years after the incident. 

According to Myers, being a paid FBI plant was a lucrative assignment. Those selected received $450 plus expenses for each assignment, whether they worked for a full day or just a few hours. 

Myers claims he helped prevent several terror attacks planned by Antifa before the Capitol riot. Myers said he posed as a journalist to infiltrate Antifa and other groups, gathering information to share with the FBI. He often attended rallies and protests to collect intel, believing he was doing important work. According to Myers, his efforts were vital in stopping some violent attacks by Antifa, who would often engage in violent clashes on college campuses, sometimes involving weapons, with those who disagreed with them. 

The four Proud Boys leaders convicted of “seditious conspiracy” and given the longest sentences among all January 6 defendants were identified as targets well before the events of January 6. By the date of the incident at the Capitol building, the Proud Boys had been labeled a “domestic terrorist organization” for quite some time. 

Federal judges prosecuting the January 6 defendants are well aware of the collaboration between the FBI and these groups. During the Proud Boys trial, Judge Timothy Kelly held a private hearing to keep the public from learning how many confidential informants the government had placed in the group in the months before the Capitol riot. Defense attorney Roger Roots, who has represented more than 30 January 6 defendants, revealed that federal judges threaten defense attorneys for highlighting the government’s undercover entrapment scheme to juries during trials. 

According to Roots, judges reprimand defense attorneys who ask about the identity of suspected confidential human sources. Roots stated that any questions about confidential human sources are met with objections from prosecutors, which the judge then upholds, preventing further inquiry. He noted that Congress also faces obstacles when asking the Justice Department about these sources, as they are often stonewalled. Roots emphasized that asking such questions can lead to contempt charges, with the FBI citing national security to avoid disclosing details. 

Per Roots, the government’s numerous confidential human sources on the ground indicate they had much more control over the situation than they admit. He argued that the government pretends to have been overwhelmed by Trump supporters, but it isn’t true considering the number of undercover informants present. 

Myers said he began working for the FBI just before Trump took office. Once Trump was elected, he noticed the FBI shifting its focus from left-wing groups to right-wing organizations. He discovered that the FBI was targeting Trump and his allies, which made him question his role, as he didn’t want to go after people who shared his political views. After the Charlottesville Unite the Right riot protesting the removal of General Robert E. Lee’s statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, the FBI significantly changed direction, making the Proud Boys their top target. The Proud Boys became a terrorist organization not just because of their activities but because they supported Trump. 

January 6 conspiracy theorists have yet another reason to celebrate as, once again, they have been vindicated. However, since it proves the depths to which the FBI will sink to “get Trump,” it’s not a cause for joy. Democrats are much better at playing the long game than Republicans, and there’s no telling what tricks they have up their sleeves for the next election.