Dems Decide to Deflect Dementia Diagnosis  

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Dems seem to be embracing a version of the adage, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” in the latest strategy to discredit presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Trending headlines from the mainstream media proudly announce that Trump is experiencing Biden moments, the latest attempt to deflect attention from a blundering, doddering old man and shift it to what they baselessly classify as another blundering, doddering old man. 

Of course, even Biden’s cheerleaders must search harder and stretch farther for examples of Trump’s alleged decline. One such moment was when he forgot the physician’s name who administered his cognitive ability test in 2020. Make no mistake, it was an epic facepalm moment that deserved much of the mileage the mainstream media got from it. 

But as a sign of a more permanent mental decline, it lacks authenticity. 

While Biden frequently seems lost and confused, he appears to be perfectly at home in a world of fabrication that includes uncles being eaten by cannibals, being arrested for taking part in a civil rights protest in which he never participated, and being “on the ground on 9/11” when he never set foot on the site until days later. In Joe’s world, he is a Jewish Black Catholic truck driver who regularly took a train across a bridge in Maryland where no tracks existed. 

A deeper look at Biden, absent the mockery, should strike an unexpected emotion in every American.  


The video of a frozen Biden during a Juneteenth celebration revealed a toddler who didn’t know why he was invited to the party but was glad he got to go. This toddler had no understanding of the significance of the party, but his plastered smile and the wonder in his eyes revealed an innocence that one doesn’t associate with politics. It was a look that mothers everywhere would recognize when they let their young child stay up late for a movie or attend a “grownup” party for a few minutes before heading off to brush his teeth. It was excitement, wonder, and a desire to stay still and drink it all in before Mom sent him to bed. 

In response to criticism of Biden’s “lost in space” moments, the media hilariously latched onto video footage of Trump holding onto a handrail earlier this month as he made a less-than-graceful descent from his private jet. It’s not the first time Trump has fallen victim to a wet, slippery ramp or staircase. In 2020, he was criticized for inching his way down a ramp with no handrails at a West Point graduation due to his leather-soled shoes and wet conditions.  

In contrast, Biden has fallen off bicycles, tripped up steps, fallen to his knees on stages, and stumbled over air.  

Neither candidate is a stranger to long, rambling speeches that seem to lead nowhere. However, in Trump’s case, the story usually has a plot to begin with. It seems Biden cannot follow a storyline to its conclusion if a teleprompter isn’t helping him, and many times, despite that help. Trump’s errors appear to result from his brain working faster than his mouth or, in some cases, his mouth working faster than his brain. Biden, however, loses the train at the station and never catches it again. 

One example is Trump’s shark/electric battery comments during a teleprompter mishap at a rally in Las Vegas. For critics, it was an example of an unhinged Trump. But, while his remarks did veer back to his well-documented fear of sharks, the example made perfect sense. Trump was railing against electric boats, whose batteries might cause them to sink and electrocute passengers. While this exaggeration may not be true, it was a perfect lead-up to his hypothetical question: Would he choose being electrocuted over jumping off the boat near a shark? It is meandering Trumpian logic at its finest, but it still made a point. 

Meanwhile, Biden is facing off with imaginary thugs named Corn Pop and asking kids to stroke his hairy legs. No context in the world could make Biden’s off-road commentaries relevant. 

But as Democrats circle Trump like the very sharks he fears, hoping for a bit of blood in the water, they face an undeniable truth. Taken as a whole, Trump’s actions and comments are more indicative of little more than temporary brain farts. Biden’s, however, seem deeply rooted in something far more severe. 

Trump’s matrix glitches are most likely a sign of a man who is stressed and exhausted following a years-long barrage of legal assaults on him, his businesses, and his family. It’s more surprising that Trump can maintain his clarity at all, and a testament to the inner strength of the former president.