Debunking Project 2025’s Influence on Trump 

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The left has pointed to Project 2025 as the primary source of their fearmongering, arguing that former President Donald Trump would follow the playbook if elected and singlehandedly destroy democracy.  

Project 2025, developed by the Heritage Foundation, comprises a series of conservative and right-wing policy proposals to reshape the U.S. federal government and consolidate executive power should the Republican nominee win the 2024 presidential election. Acting as a governmental blueprint in waiting, the project outlines a comprehensive agenda and identifies potential personnel for a future conservative administration. Its focus includes a detailed policy agenda drawing from conservative expertise, a personnel database for future appointments, training initiatives through workshops and mentorship, and a strategic 180-day playbook for addressing immediate national issues upon assuming office. 

Democrats have spiced up the contents of this agenda, stoking fears of military personnel in the streets, a nationwide ban on abortions, and a dictator who would not leave once his term has been served. Laughable ages of the liberal’s book of fear also include the weaponization of agencies against political opponents, something that Democrats have perfected during Biden’s presidency. 

Project 2025 is distinctive for its targeted preparation for a potential conservative administration following a Republican win in the 2024 presidential election. Unlike more general political initiatives, Project 2025 offers precise policy proposals, identifies potential personnel, and outlines a strategic roadmap for the initial 180 days of governance. While other initiatives may have different objectives or broader scopes, Project 2025 is uniquely designed for a conservative transition of power. 

According to a spokesperson for the Biden campaign, staff members from Project 2025 are also directing the formulation of the Republican policy platform. Ammar Moussa described Project 2025 as an aggressive blueprint for policies and personnel during Trump’s potential second term, which he believes should alarm the American public. 

Democrats are waving the proposals at voters, claiming that Trump plans to follow the playbook page by page. This is an excellent way to instill fear in Americans ahead of the November election, and it would be valid except for one detail frequently left out by the plan’s critics. 

Trump doesn’t condone it, claims he isn’t sure where it came from, and has his own plans for his presidential term. 

Trump stated on his Truth Social network that he has no knowledge of Project 2025 and does not know who is involved. He expressed disagreement with some of its ideas, calling them ridiculous and abysmal. Trump emphasized that he is not affiliated with the project led by the Heritage Foundation but has said he wishes them luck with their endeavors. 

President Biden’s campaign issued a statement alleging that Trump is attempting to conceal his ties to Project 2025, given that former officials from his administration are involved in it. The statement asserted that the project, authored by Trump’s inner circle, should concern every American. 

The 922-page blueprint details a significant increase in presidential authority and proposes dismissing up to 50,000 government employees to replace them with Trump supporters. President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign has focused on highlighting this agenda, especially as he seeks to maintain support from fellow Democrats following his challenging debate performance. 


Project 2025 acknowledges that the plan is not specifically linked to any candidate or campaign, stating that the coalition comprises over 110 conservative groups advocating for policy and personnel recommendations for the next conservative president. “it is ultimately up to that president, who we believe will be President Trump, to decide which recommendations to implement.” 

Trump’s campaign has previously expressed dissatisfaction with allies’ efforts to prepare for a potential transition, implying they have not been helpful. Trump has outlined plans to overhaul the U.S. government if he wins the 2024 presidential election, including launching the largest deportation operation in U.S. history, implementing a 10% tariff on most foreign goods, and seeking to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine even before assuming office. 

This week, the Republican Party will begin drafting its platform for the upcoming election. In 2016, Trump allowed party operatives to draft the platform, while in 2020, the Republican Party opted not to introduce a new platform. According to Republicans who are familiar with the committee’s workings, this time, the GOP is expected to release a platform that more clearly reflects Trump’s priorities. 

However, whispers of Project 2025 are the only defense the struggling Team Biden has left, and they intend to play it as long as they can. It’s proof they don’t understand Trump’s most fundamental principle – he refuses to be told what to do or when to do it. Project 2025 was doomed from the start.