The Four Biggest Liberal Lies of 2022

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

2022 was one hell of a year, for sure. I mean, it wasn’t filled with a pandemic the likes of which the world has never seen or mass rioting and destruction in streets like in 2020. But that’s not to say it didn’t have its fair share of problems.

Unfortunately, most of them can be squarely laid at the feet of the Biden Administration. Of course, they will never admit any of that. In fact, if this year can be labeled as anything, it’s been a year of lies.

I mean, Jussie Smollett, the redefinition of recession, all the ridiculous things Biden apparently didn’t say, the not-so-factual economic data, and, of course, the non-incident at Paul Pelosi’s house…

These are just a few to make headlines over the last year. But as Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently pointed out, they aren’t exactly the ones we should be worried about. That’s not to say they should be swept under the rug, though.

There are more crucial ones to note, however.

And as Carlson remarks, they aren’t even well-thought-out or believable ones.

As he told his audience on his Friday show, “Their lies are amateurish, obvious, pathetic, sad – and there’s something kind of insulting about that. Don’t take a leak on my boots and tell me it’s raining, goes the old cowboy phrase. Don’t tell me something we both know isn’t true and expect me to believe it.”

But it would seem that is exactly what has happened.

The first lie Carlson discusses in depth is that of Vladimir Putin supposedly sabotaging and blowing up his own natural gas pipeline to Europe.
You might remember that an unnatural leak in the pipeline was noticed in September. Sabotage was obvious, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of the much-needed energy source. And Russia, of all places, was blamed.

Now, I know Putin has been known to make some incredulous decisions over the decades, destroying no small number of things. But to blow up his own pipeline? And during a time when his own economy and energy supplies were already at risk? Not to mention in the middle of a war?

It’s unbelievable. And yet, that’s exactly what media outlet after the US intelligence agency spouted.

The next most ridiculous lie was that a secondary pandemic in the US was caused by the “unvaccinated.”

According to Dr. Leana Wen, all the unvaccinated put the rest of the country at risk. Therefore, you only got certain freedoms if you were double or triple jabbed.

Now, of course, Wen has changed her story. As Carlson pointed out, just this past week, she and CDC said that it is actually vaccinated people who are the most at risk, both to be infected and to be hospitalized.

The next lie is about FTX’s infamous founder and CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. That he was ever seen as anything other than a scam artist is absolutely ridiculous, as is the idea that higher-ups both in the Democratic Party and finance experts like Jim Cramer would say as much.
The last and possibly most bizarre lie is that of inflation. It’s obvious to anyone with a set of eyes or a brain within their head that prices for just about everything are far higher than usual.

And yet, Biden and his administration have been rather adamant that inflation is not what is happening here. Neither are we supposedly in a recession. Sure, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admits that prices are higher than average, which we’ve seen in some time. However, according to her, it’s all “transitory,” insinuating that 1) it’s all something we are just imagining and 2) it won’t last long.

Neither is the truth, though.

As data from the Bureau for Labor Statistics proves, inflation rates hit a high of 9.1 percent in 2022. And while they have gone down, it’s not nearly enough. In November, the White House celebrated an inflation rate of 7.1 percent.

But inflation isn’t here, remember…

And so far, with all the campaigns to begin this year, and midterm elections to debate, I’m not sure 2023 will have any fewer lies.