Iranian Terrorist Shuts Down Major Vegas Power Plant – Does Anybody Care?

Sky Sajjaphot /
Sky Sajjaphot /

A man born in Iran disabled a large solar power plant in Las Vegas, Nevada by setting his car on fire after plowing through fences into the facility, according to local police.

Las Vegas Metro police said they were called to the Mega Solar Array facility on Wednesday at about 11:30 a.m.

Employees at the facility found a car smoldering in a generator pit. KLAS-TV released documents that indicated the driver of the car was identified as 34-year-old Mohammad Mesmarian.

Surveillance video showed that Mesmarian rammed through the fence and then set his car on fire at midnight on Wednesday. He reportedly sat in a chair and watched the car burn before simply walking off of the property.

The Iranian was found at a campground on Boulder Beach at Lake Mead the next day, about 30 miles from the facility.

“Mesmarian clarified he burned the Toyota Camry a couple of days ago,” investigators wrote. “Mesmarian stated he burned the vehicle at a Tesla solar plant and did it ‘for the future.’”

Police said that he told them he was born in Iran; they also found a cell phone and two laptops belonging to him in the burnt vehicle.

The solar power plant provides power to MGM properties and it has been forced to shut down because of the attack.

A spokesperson for Invenergy wrote in a statement, “Following an incident at the Mega Solar Array facility, on-site personnel immediately notified authorities and shut down the plant’s operations as a precaution in accordance with industry-standard safety protocols.”

Here’s what is hard to understand. Mesmarian was arrested on terrorism charges that included first-degree arson and third-degree arson, and he was denied bail. But the mainstream media basically ignored this story and promoted less important ones.

Why is a story about an Iranian committing terrorism in America being ignored?