Joe Biden Tells the Most Brazen Lies You’ll Ever Hear about the 2nd Amendment

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Joe Biden has absolutely no positive accomplishments that he can run on in 2024. The only thing that he has to fall back on is the same empty scare tactics that Democrats always use to try to turn out their base. That means we’ll be hearing a lot of squawking about abortion and gun confiscation for the rest of this year. (It’s not like he can brag about the economy, open borders, or all the wars he’s started.) The thing you have to remember about Joe Biden when it comes to gun rights and the Second Amendment is that he’s not just ignorant of issues surrounding firearms; he’s also the most brazen liar in the entire Democrat Party when it comes to gun rights.

Biden demonstrated his dishonesty once again during a softball interview with a Univision host. During the interview, Biden launches one of his signature attacks on the Second Amendment, and it is a huge whopper:

“I used to teach the Second Amendment in law school … From the very beginning, there were limitations. You couldn’t own a cannon!”

The news anchor dumbly nods along and mutters, “Weapons of war!”

The problem with Joe Biden’s statement is that every single word of it is a lie. There is not a shred of truth in the entire statement.

For starters, Joe Biden never taught in a law school. He certainly didn’t teach classes on the Second Amendment in law school, because he never taught at a law school! He’s never taught any postgraduate or undergraduate courses. He’s never taught in any university or community college. He’s never taught at a trade school, a high school, an elementary school, or a specialty school for the blind.

Joe Biden has never been a teacher of any kind! Not ever!

He tells that lie to prop himself up as some sort of expert on the Second Amendment, which he clearly is not.

“From the very beginning, there were limitations,” Joe Biden claims.

That’s also a lie. There were never limitations on any firearms that Americans could own, from the earliest days of the adoption of the Second Amendment and before that when we were British colonists.

Thomas Jefferson owned a pair of .46 caliber Girardoni rifles. These rifles held a 22-round magazine (two more rounds than a standard AR-15 20-round clip from today). It had a high-capacity magazine, it was a weapon of war, and it was nearly silent. Jefferson owned two of these “assault weapons” despite never fighting in the Revolutionary Army. He lent one of them to the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

The Founding Fathers knew all about firearms that were very similar to the modern guns that the Democrats are always trying to ban. Any civilian was allowed to own them.

For the last part of his wholly dishonest argument, Biden declares, “You couldn’t own a cannon!”

Can we let you in on a little secret?

You can own a cannon. You can own one right now, no matter which state you live in. You could buy one tomorrow and start blasting it on your private property, so long as you’re not violating local noise ordinances or endangering anyone. Cannons are legal in all 50 states for civilians to own. Why? Because they are not firearms and therefore are not regulated in any way under the National Firearms Act (NFA). Cannons might be considered a “weapon of war,” but they’re perfectly legal for civilians to own and always have been.

Joe Biden is just a special kind of liar when it comes to the Second Amendment. Keep that in mind as you see him spouting off about gun rights this campaign season. Nothing that he says about guns is true or correct. Here’s his completely false statement to the Univision host: