There’s a New Trend Among Gen Z… How Will Employers See This?

MDV Edwards /
MDV Edwards /

It seems there’s always a new trend of some sort going around. Sometimes, it’s a simple fashion statement piece. You know, like ultra-flared jeans. They are here today, and then, without warning, they are gone, deemed out of style and ‘so yesterday.’

Unfortunately, not all fads are so innocent. Sometimes the trend is something a bit more life-altering than fashion. And in this day and age, all of those seem to come from TikTok or some equally popular and ridiculous social media platform.

Perhaps you’ve heard of things like NyQuil chicken or the “Kia Challenge.”

If you haven’t, let’s just say that some poor misguided soul thought these would be a good idea, or at the very least funny. But thanks to their stupidity, there are now multiple individuals either dead (and yes, I mean literally) or severely scarred for life.

Now, thankfully, like all fads and trends, these types of things rarely stay popular too long. Of course, for those participating, the damage may already be done. Sadly, for many, there is no return to how life was prior to their decision to participate.

And since generation Z has the most access and seeming interest in social media apps where trends like these are seen, they are usually the most affected.

Now, one of the more popular trends to go viral as of late might not be so life-threatening as some. But it doesn’t mean it won’t be life-altering.

If you haven’t heard, one of the newest trends involves employees quitting their jobs in a most public and rather embarrassing way – and, of course, on video for all the world to see.

As The Washington Post, Fox News, and Forbes have all reported, it can best be described as “Make as loud and public of a scene as possible when quitting your job, then post it to TikTok.” And, of course, it is called things like “#NoTwoWeekNotice” or “#IQuitMyJob.”

Now, to be fair, I don’t know many people who haven’t at least once dreamed about telling their boss exactly what they think and where they can go. At least, this is likely the case if you’ve ever found yourself in a job that is not all that fulfilling or with an employer with whom you don’t always see eye to eye.

However, most of us realize letting the boss have it or ending our posts in such a fashion wouldn’t be all that wise, or at least it’s not respectful or professional. After all, as at least one related hashtag implies, giving a two-week notice prior to leaving a specific job is customary and even expected in just about every industry.

Therefore, most of us keep those dreams of ending our posts in a dramatic and possibly even cinema-worthy fashion to ourselves.

Apparently, those following this trend haven’t come to that realization.

But as Campus Reform correspondent Kale Ogunbor told Fox & Friends Weekend, their mistake will likely come to light rather soon and, unfortunately, be rather long-lasting.

As I mentioned before, most of us realize the main reason for this is that it’s simply unprofessional to act in this way. Even before social media, most people wouldn’t dare quit in a manner like this. Naturally, social media and the fact that many videos go viral only worsen this.

If you didn’t know it, most employers nowadays make it a habit of checking prospective job candidates’ social media presence, as well as their resumes and references.

As Ogunbor says, “This is going to be one of those trends that comes to bite an entire generation in the back given just a few years… a lot of bosses and HRs check social media.”

And as everyone has likely found out by now, or at least should realize, if it’s on the internet, someone somewhere will find out. And if that person is an employer, it means they are that much more likely to NOT hire you.

This trend, like far too many others, just isn’t worth your future.