“Obviously Dangerous:” Swedish Doctors Call for Immediate Halt to All COVID Shots

Viacheslav Lopatin / shutterstock.com
Viacheslav Lopatin / shutterstock.com

Even as the American medical establishment and the corrupt CDC continue to push the mRNA COVID shots on the population, doctors in European countries are calling for the shots to be suspended. Three countries have even issued soft bans against the shots for certain age groups. Now a group of six doctors in Sweden has written an open letter to their government, calling for an immediate suspension of the “obviously dangerous” shots.

Unlike most American doctors, who are too frightened of Big Pharma and their state medical boards to risk anything by speaking out, this group of Swedish doctors is staking their careers on stopping the mass vaccination campaign. They’ve all signed their names to the open letter:

  • Johan Eddebo, Ph.D
  • Sture Blomberg, MD, Ph.D
  • Ragnar Hultborn, Professor Emeritus, a specialist in oncology
  • Sven Román, MD
  • Lilian Weiss, Associate Professor, a specialist in surgery
  • Nils Littorin, MD in clinical microbiology

The doctors sent out the joint letter ahead of an upcoming European Union summit that will recommend pushing more COVID booster shots on everyone. The doctors note that the disturbing rise in all-cause mortality in heavily vaccinated countries can no longer be dismissed. While many nations have claimed that COVID itself is responsible for the spike in deaths, no one actually believes that – nor is there any science to support that theory.

Germany’s all-cause mortality has increased by 19% above the five-year average prior to the introduction of the experimental COVID shots. Many of the excess deaths are due to heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular issues. Most countries in Europe have seen a 10 to 12% increase in all-cause mortality since the mass vaccinations began.

The simple fact is that everyone knows the shots are causing this, but most people in charge are now afraid to say so. Great Britain issued a soft ban against the shots back in September. Health authorities announced that the COVID shots are no longer recommended for kids under 12. The UK government is not calling this a ban on the shots, but it’s pretty obvious that it is. Doctors will no longer administer the shots to under-12s.

Denmark followed the UK by imposing an even more impressive ban in mid-September. They “no longer recommend” any COVID shots for people under 50. They’re not calling it a ban, but again, doctors in Denmark will only administer a COVID shot to someone under 50 if they have extraordinary medical circumstances. The government there now recommends that people catch COVID and gain natural immunity, which works far better and lasts far longer than the injections.

Of further concern to the doctors from Sweden is the fact that their country’s Minister for Health and Social Affairs says they may institute new bans or restrictions if the resurgence of the Omicron variant or one of its sub-variants picks up. The irony, note the doctors, is that the shots appear to be the very thing that is suppressing patients’ immune systems. The more booster shots a person has, the more likely they are to catch COVID, become hospitalized by a serious case of COVID, or die from COVID.

“We shouldn’t see continued excess deaths from a respiratory virus of this kind after three years of global exposure due to the inevitable consolidation of natural immunity,” the doctors note.

Their conclusion is that the excess deaths are in fact not from the virus, but from the experimental vaccine regimen. They argue that if the EU and other countries are truly concerned about public health, the “obviously dangerous” shots should be suspended immediately, pending further study. They’re not wrong. We’re not even five years into this mass human experiment involving untested technology that was rushed to market. We may be seeing catastrophic effects from the COVID vaccines for many years to come.