Biden’s DOJ Fights to Bring These Mandates Back

Nathan Weisser /
Nathan Weisser /

As I’m sure you are well aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Even Democratic President Joe Biden’s liberal and controlling administration seems to admit it. As such, just about every mandate enacted over the past few years in relation to the pandemic has been walked back, including, most recently, the mandatory vaccination of all active-duty and reserve military service members.

To be sure, it’s a sign that we are moving forward as a nation, getting healthy, and, therefore, having the ability to grow economically again.

However, it would seem that some in Biden’s inner circle don’t quite agree. Either that or they are simply refusing to acknowledge the science they once accused us all of ignoring.

According to Reuters, Biden’s Department of Justice is in the process of arguing their supposed right to, yet again, install an all-out mask mandate on the travel industry. The outlet reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tried to issue such again last year.

Thankfully, a federal judge ruled in April that the group didn’t have the authority to do so, especially since they were not willing to offer a period where public comments could and would be heard and taken into consideration. Clearly, the whole thing is yet another push for control and one that completely ignores the freedoms or wishes of both the American people, as well as Congress.

And yet, shortly after the judge’s ruling, it was none other than Biden’s DOJ who issued an appeal to the April decision.

According to DOJ attorney Brian Springer, the CDC shouldn’t wait to hear from the public on such matters. Instead, they should have the authority to act as they will “to prevent the possible infections and deaths that could result if people didn’t do the simple thing of just putting on a mask while they were traveling.”

Springer says this is a good enough cause to issue such a mandate or order on the American people.

Of course, as we all know, that’s not nearly a good enough reason – especially when the science of the day tells us there is nothing to worry about.

Yes, COVID is still out there. And yes, it’s still quite dangerous to some. But, like the flu, it’s not going anywhere, and we must learn to live with it.

That means not we can’t be going into panic mode and issuing mandates and such at every slight rise in infection rates. Naturally, with it being winter and all, infection rates are likely to be up slightly, as are infection rates for the flu, pneumonia, and simple sinus infections. ‘Tis the season.

Now, of course, that means there are things we can do to reduce the likelihood of getting infected with it or anything else. You know, things like washing your hands frequently, staying at home when you don’t feel well, sanitizing items and areas commonly touched and used by multiple people and households. Hell, if you feel like wearing a mask, you can certainly do that too.

But for the government to mandate such is a bit extreme, not to mention controlling. And as several Republican leaders have pointed out, it’s completely out of touch with how most of the US feels, as well as how the disease is actually spread.

As Texas GOP Representative and actual physician pointed out, masks on airplanes “do NOTHING.”

Another indication that this isn’t as serious of a problem as either the CDC or DOJ is making it out to be is that the CDC could have applied for a stay to the district’s original court ruling, but they didn’t.

Instead, as an attorney for the Health Freedom Defense Fund told the Washington Examiner, “CDC promulgated a rule of unprecedented scope. And for the first time claiming authority to directly govern the lives of every member of the traveling public without bothering to explain its statutory authority.”

As usual, the Biden administration is just doing whatever the hell they want, regardless of what authority or lack thereof they actually have or what Congress or the American people need or want. Let’s hope that the appeals court sees it that way too.