Application Filed to Eliminate Alaska’s Repugnant Ranked-Choice Fraud Vote System

Niyazz /
Niyazz /

Many people were left scratching their heads in 2020 when the solidly red state of Alaska adopted ranked-choice voting. This is a system of voting that is guaranteed to steal seats from Republicans. It’s the exact opposite of democracy.

Ranked-choice voting also chills freedom of speech in election campaigns, which we’ll explain in a moment. In the meantime, there is finally some good news coming out of Alaska, as the Lieutenant Governor there has issued a petition to get rid of this repugnant form of election fraud, hopefully before the 2024 election arrives.

Here’s how ranked-choice voting basically works in Alaska. They stuff the ballot itself with every candidate, and then when you vote, you select your First Choice, Second Choice, and Third Choice for the seat. Then, after election day, it takes the Democrats who have fully captured the election infrastructure in all 50 states several weeks to count up the votes.

Once the votes are tallied through some Byzantine process that the Democrats designed – surprise! – a Democrat wins that race.

Democrats have not been able to capture Alaska’s lone seat in the US House of Representatives in more than 50 years, thanks to the normal voting system that the state used to use. But in 2022, an unknown Democrat state representative was able to defeat the wildly popular Sarah Palin in a special election to fill deceased Rep. Don Young’s (R-AK) seat.

That Democrat – someone named Mary Peltola – then beat Sarah Palin again during the regular general election in November. It’s hard to overstate what a shock to the system this is for everyday conservatives in Alaska. The state is solidly red, as anyone who has lived there can tell you. While a Democrat is occasionally able to sneak enough votes to win the governorship there, that’s never been the case with national offices like the House or Senate seats.

Corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder had to arrest Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) in 2008 on fake charges – for which Stevens was later completely exonerated – in order for the Democrats to steal that seat for the only time in generations. The candidate who stole that seat – Mark Begich – became a one-term Senator when enraged Alaska conservatives easily voted him out of office six years later.

Other than that, Alaska’s national seats have remained in Republican hands for as long as anyone has been alive – and for good reason. Alaska is an oil state. The anti-drilling, anti-oil Democrats normally don’t stand a chance in national elections as a result. Alaska has no state income tax, and its revenues come from the oil and gas industry that Democrats want to destroy.

Thanks to ranked-choice voting, Alaskans now inexplicably have a Democrat in their only US House seat. Sarah Palin remains wildly popular among Alaskans after her meteoric run for vice president in 2008. Imagine how different America would be today if she had run for president, instead of being selected as the reviled John McCain’s running mate. Obama never would have stood a chance against her.

But now she loses to an unknown Democrat? Only under ranked-choice voting.

As the petition organizers have noted, ranked-choice chilled the speech of the candidates during the race. You can’t say anything negative about your opponents under a ranked-choice system, because you need them to vote for you as their second or third choice on the ballot. No matter how much of a dishonest snake your opponent is, you can no longer criticize them with honesty. It keeps voters ignorant and in the dark, which is always where Democrats fare the best.

Hopefully, enough Alaskans will sign the petition to get a measure on the ballot that will eliminate ranked-choice voting. If they don’t, Republicans will gradually lose control of Alaska entirely to the Democrats, who have no moral or ethical compunctions against stealing elections from the people.