Even The New York Times is Turning on Kamala Harris

Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com
Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com

We all know The New York Times has pretty much been the leading media mouthpiece for the political left for a few decades now. So what does it mean when it turns on one of the most leftist and high-profile Democrats in the nation? Say the Vice President?

To be clear, it doesn’t seem that the “paper of record” is turning on the Democratic Party. However, it definitely seems to have a problem with the not-so-popular Kamala Harris.

In fact, it published a piece on Monday in which not one but three reporters were enlisted to throw shade at her and her uneventful tenure as second in command.

According to The Times, the reporters talked to a number of party sources, all of whom described a complete disappointment in Harris as well as a comprehensive lack of trust in her. Hell, even those who helped get her to the White House have lost faith in her abilities.

The number one problem is that Harris seems to do absolutely nothing, either for the country or the party. And her allies of “tired of waiting” for her show and do something – anything really – that might “define her vice presidency.”

As the report states, “Ms. Harris is struggling to carve out a lane for herself in what may be one of the most consequential periods in the vice presidency.” And her lack of ability to do so thus far has caused many throughout the Capitol, the White House, and the nation to accept that she’s probably not what either the party or the country needs in a leader.

In fact, as one anonymous Democratic Party donor said, “I can’t think of one thing she’s done except to stay out of the way and stand beside him (President Joe Biden) at certain ceremonies.”
To be sure, it’s not exactly a complimentary thing to say about the woman who is next in line for the Oval Office.

Of course, that fact, her place in the succession, makes her inaction even less tolerable.

I mean, from day one, Biden said he chose her because she was much younger than he and, therefore, could supposedly “take over” for him should the need arise. She, of course, checked all the right identity boxes, too.

But since her ascension from California senator, she hasn’t done a thing. And it’s not that she hasn’t been given opportunities to. If you remember, it was her that was tasked with fixing the problems at our southern border. And yet, after months of inaction on her part and not even a visit, nothing had changed. If anything, circumstances had only worsened.

Naturally, as any boss would when faced with an employee’s failures on a particular project, he removed her from the task, apparently taking it upon himself to handle the matter. Of course, that didn’t help the border issues. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Next, Biden gave her the job of working to increase COVID inoculation rates throughout the country. And here, too, it seemed she did nothing. Sure, vaccines were given, and the numbers of those who received them did steadily grow. But I don’t think anyone can attribute that to Kamala Harris.

Now, it seems that Harris has nothing to do, in large part, because she’s failed at everything else. So why would Biden, or anyone for that matter, trust her with more?

This is likely precisely why The Times and the Democratic National Committee behind them approved of this specific piece. I mean, if Harris can’t be trusted, then the party needs to be clear about that and the need to search for someone else who could lead in her stead, whether that’s just as a major party figurehead or our next president. Putting out a piece dedicated to her failures is sure to do just that, particularly if it was done by such a leftist-leaning outlet as The Times.

It’s just another sign that, come 2024, the Biden-Harris administration will be through.