Colleges Now More Concerned With Being Woke and Unoffensive Than Education and the College Experience - Yuri A / - Yuri A /

Loud opinionated arguments during class. Posters of opposing viewpoints line the bulletin boards. Pranks between sororities and frats. If you went to college in person before 2012, that was part of the tradition.

Now? It’s all about being woke and not offending the person next to you. Simple mistakes in nationality and identity are now called “microaggressions.” Wearing the wrong clothing is called “cultural appropriation.” Being edgy in a comedy set is now being “hateful and sexist/racist.”

As an analysis by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) showed, this trend is starting to press across the nation, with bias reporting systems (BRS) and bias reporting teams (BRT) as the front runners for their way to collect “evidence.” Using these reports they go after those who offend school policies or those whose behavior is just offensive. Statistics from fall 2022 show most reports “accused students of misgendering, using the wrong pronouns and making insensitive comments” according to the DCNF analysis.

BRS and BRT added up to 79 complaints at The University of Connecticut (UConn) from July to December 2022. Some of these reports are mindboggling if you had a real college experience. One came because of a campus-wide email that “identif[ied] bathroom use based on gender” and another was about a comedian on campus that made “verbal remarks directed at race/ethnicity, religion, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation.”

You read that right. Apparently, the campus cannot refer to the “men’s” and “women’s” restrooms. While the analysis is unclear as to what they are suggesting in their place, Stephanie Reitz, UConn spokesperson attempted to provide clarification to the DCNF. “Bias reporting systems are a common and valuable tool at many institutions, including UConn. They help ensure that members of the campus community receive support when they are negatively impacted by intentional or unintentional actions or comments based on how they identify as an individual. (Examples include race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, sex, ethnicity, age, or disability).”

At Illinois State University (ISU) a female student was written up in a report for being on the phone in the common area saying there are only two genders and that she was not wanting to live with someone who “makes stuff up in their head.” The report included that she was also being loud with the conversation and proclaiming “I’ll talk like this” as they put the call on speakerphone.

The University of Miami in Ohio also had a strange report, with one incident being written up as “There was a sign on the door to [redacted] and [redacted] dorm room that said ‘All Solicitors Must Be Able To Define the Word ‘Woman,’” with a follow-up statement explaining that they believed this was in response to a campus-wide email stating students could put a “No Solicitors” sign on their door.

UConn took the cake though. There, a staffer attempted to report a student for wearing “middle eastern clothing in the residence hall.” After Residence Life staff met with the student, they deemed that he was in fact someone with middle eastern heritage and it wasn’t a problem.

The fact that this even needs to be investigated is beyond ridiculous. For a system that pushes so hard on acceptance and tolerance of one another, they have done nothing but shove division down our throats. Having the idea that we cannot share cultures, traditions, and clothing is preposterous. This isn’t what college is about.

College is supposed to be about finding your way through life should you choose to go. While the trades and the military are both great options, getting a higher education can be incredibly helpful. The leftists are making it so people stay in their boxes. They don’t experiment with comedy. Suddenly they lack the confidence to try those new boots they weren’t sure about. No going out for the drama club on a whim or taking pottery as an elective one semester to talk to someone.

At this point, it’s not about getting the college experience. It’s about surviving the woke college gulag.