Hillary is Officially “Running” Again

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

It’s official Hillary Clinton is back. And according to a recent announcement, she is also running again.

Now, before you start freaking out too much, or laughing hysterically, let’s make one thing clear: she is not running for president again. Neither is she running for any kind of elected office.

Instead, the word “running” here is used in a much more literal sense, as in she is running to school.

Naturally, the terminology was used to invoke an emotional response of sorts, whatever that may be for you, and catch people’s attention. In particular, Columbia University wants you to know that Hillary will soon be on their staff and, therefore, could be teaching your class.

Students at Columbia began receiving Twitter alerts on their phones Thursday announcing that Hillary Clinton was “running again.” When clicked on, viewers were taken to a video of Hillary jogging into the office of Columbia’s Dean Keren Yahri-Milo.

Once there, the dean told Hillary that she was a full six months early for her post as a co-teacher for the university’s School of International and Public Affairs. More specifically, Hillary will be helping to teach the future generations about foreign policy.

In the rather cringeworthy video, Hillary told Keren that she was early because she just wanted to “be prepared,” adding that “you’ve always got to be prepared” for crises. The dean responded to this by saying that Hillary was likely “more prepared than anyone” to teach the foreign affairs class.

The two then discussed more of the details of the class, noting that the dean herself would do most of the actual teaching part or at least instructing the theoretical part of foreign policies. Hillary would be there to give examples that give life to these policies and theories.

Apparently, the school is under the impression that her years as First Lady, then Obama’s Secretary of State, and then two failed presidential candidacies have given Hillary all the “preparation” she needs.

Now, to be sure, those positions (minus the failed White House runs) did likely put her in a number of situations where foreign policy and such was discussed and dealt with at great length. However, one would also note that she didn’t exactly deal with those situations all that well.

I mean, there were quite a few major foreign policy blunders and scandals during her time in office. And most of them can be quite squarely laid at her feet.

In fact, quite a few social media users did point this out.

But the most interesting part of the video came when the dean asked Clinton whether or not she was ready to deal with all the “questions the students throw at you?”
Hillary’s cringey response was, “Bring it on.”

But I doubt that she’s fully prepared.

I mean, she does know that the American people, including the students likely to be in her class, will want to know a whole slew of things about her time in the White House. From Monica Lewinsky and her husband’s transgressions to the war she pushed in Libya, the stranded Americans she left in Benghazi, and more.

I doubt she’ll be ready for all of those. Or for questions that will inevitably be asked about her email server, her conspiracy to frame Donald Trump for collusion, or her failure to see that Trump would win. Hell, I bet someone will even ask her about Jeffrey Epstein somewhere along the way.

Needless to say, I don’t think this is the last cringeworthy video we are going to see of Hillary in the coming months as she begins “teaching” and giving answers to these questions.
It would almost be funny until you understand that she will be teaching the future of American foreign policy. Some of those young, impressionable minds will inevitably take her words as truth and good advice.

Then again, given the response this video was met with, perhaps her time at Columbia will be short-lived and too embarrassing for her to actually teach much.