Tragedy: Former Pro Hockey Player & Dad Does the ‘Fauci Flop’ at Age 38

Sergey Nivens /
Sergey Nivens /

Not a single day goes by when we don’t see another young and seemingly healthy person suddenly die. The phenomenon only started in 2021, with the rollout of the COVID vaccines. The phenomenon has been dubbed the “Fauci Flop” online, as more than 1,800 professional and college athletes have collapsed from cardiac arrest after being vaccinated. In the latest tragedy, 38-year-old former NHL player Raymond Sawada died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Sawada was a second-round NHL draft pick in 2004. He played for the Dallas Stars from 2008-2009, before retiring from hockey in 2016. Since then, he’s been a firefighter in the city of Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia.

On Monday, Sawada celebrated his 9-year-old daughter’s birthday. He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. While playing in a hockey game on Monday evening, Sawada had a heart attack and collapsed. Given the fact that Canada has forced all public employees, including firefighters, to get fully vaccinated against COVID, there’s a 100% certainty that Sawada was vaxed.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people lined the streets of Bristol in the UK on Wednesday for the funeral of 19-year-old boxing phenom Jude Moore. The two-time national champion collapsed and “died suddenly” in late March. He was described as a “force of nature” and all of his trainers and sparring partners agreed that Moore would one day be a world champion title holder.

According to the latest figures, 1,836 athletes have collapsed from cardiac arrests, and 1,270 of them have died, since the rollout of the COVID vaccines. Health officials and Big Pharma continue to claim that this is normal, but everyone knows that is a lie. In addition to not preventing people from catching COVID, the shots are not “safe.” At some point, there needs to be a reckoning for all the needless deaths and suffering that these shots have caused.