The Big Biden Blunder Act Hits Congress…

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As you know, Democratic President Joe Biden has quite a bit to answer for. And now, thanks to a bill just put before Congress, one of his more major “blunders” will be thoroughly investigated and held accountable.

It’s called the Big Biden Blunder Act and was put forward by Republican Representative Byron Donalds from Florida this week.

According to Donalds, one of Biden’s most atrocious, as well as completely avoidable, mistakes was his withdrawal of our military presence from Afghanistan in August of 2021. And I think we can pretty much all agree.

As Donalds noted, “This debacle NEVER should have happened and has only emboldened the worst fantasies of our hegemonic adversaries. We need answers and accountability NOW because Biden’s promise to Build Back Better has resulted in nothing more than a Big Biden Blunder.”

According to Fox News and a draft of the discussion on the proposed bill, the BBB Act would instruct the Comptroller General to investigate and then create a report summarizing the effects of Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. In particular, the information should discuss how that withdrawal affected the US economy and the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today.

As we all know, the hasty and deadly retreat of our troops was more than an embarrassment to our military troops, as well as our nation’s leadership. And since then, it has made a near laughing stock of both Biden and our entire military presence.

But more than that, Donalds and quite a few others estimate that the withdrawal has had a rather major and not-so-great effect on our economy. And big part of that is believed to be the complete abandonment of billions of dollars worth of military equipment.

Estimates range that somewhere between $7 billion and more than $80 billion of military equipment was left in the sands and hills of Afghanistan, now held by the Taliban. What Donalds wants to know is how the loss of all that equipment has affected our economy and our currently higher-than-average inflation rates.

And that coupled with the deaths of 13 US military members, “images of desperate individuals falling to their deaths from the wings of American aircraft,” and the literal thousands of Americans left behind in the country to face tragedies most of us couldn’t even imagine, have left a massive stain on the prestige of our military and Biden’s administration.

And all of that deserves answers.

Of course, Donalds isn’t the only one who’s demanding those answers.

Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability GOP James Comer of Kentucky is also pushing for Biden and his ilk to be held accountable for their actions.

In his beginning statements on hearing by the committee to delve into the botched withdrawal, Comer noted just how disastrous the move by Biden’s admin was. As I mentioned, it left Americans stranded in a hostile environment, got 13 of our finest killed, quite possibly contributed to a strained US economy, and jeopardized our international image. But additionally, it literally gave all that abandoned equipment right into the hands of an organization that is known for tyranny and destabilization.

All the efforts made in the country to give women rights were lost. The trust that the nation’s people had in us as an ally is gone. And an entire region has been forced back into uncertainty and under the threat of terrorism.

And as Comer says, it can all be laid at the feet of President Joseph R. Biden.

As of yet, Biden and his administration have neither claimed responsibility for the tragedies that resulted from the withdrawal nor admitted to any mistakes.

Hopefully, together Comer and Donalds, as well as the co-sponsors of BBB, will ensure that Biden and his ill-advised “bureaucratic-military brass in Washington” are held responsible at last.