Bio-Lab with Deadly Diseases Seized by Unknown Forces in Sudan

Mongkolchon Akesin /
Mongkolchon Akesin /

How ironic is it that on the same week that Joe Biden announces that he’s “fighting for democracy” in his reelection bid, another country falls into complete disarray and collapses after Joe Biden sends in the neocon spooks? The situation in Sudan is so chaotic right now that nobody even knows who is in charge any longer, thanks to the Biden regime. Oh, and a deadly biological laboratory has fallen into the hands of someone. We don’t know who’s in control of the lab, but it can’t be good. Oops!

As rival factions are fighting it out in Khartoum, someone went in and seized a hazardous bio lab. The WHO says the troops kicked all of the scientists out of the lab, and now they’re in control. Nobody knows which faction it is. What we do know is that the lab contained dangerous disease samples like polio, measles, cholera, and probably some even nastier stuff like Ebola.
Great job, Biden administration! Considering the fact that we already just went through another pandemic, it’s not exactly reassuring that some band of yokels now has biological weapons in its possession after Biden started another war.

How did we get here suddenly? Well, Victoria Nuland did it. The thoroughly impressive foreign policy expert Victoria Nuland (she has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, just so you know) is once again involved in a color revolution on behalf of the tiny group of neocons who control the US government. Nuland has worked for the Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and now Biden administrations during her State Department career. And guess what she does EVERY TIME.

How did we get here? Here’s how.

Between August and December of 2022, the Biden regime decided it wanted to stop the development of a Russian naval in Sudan. So, Biden appointed a US Ambassador to Sudan for the first time in 25 years. The new Ambassador immediately got to work by warning Sudan to not allow any economic investment by the Russians.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken then urged Sudan to let the United States set up a coalition government in Sudan, because DEMOCRACY! The UN then quickly brokered a framework for the agreement with pro-democracy groups in Sudan and freezing out the groups with guns that were actually going to end up in charge eventually. In late December, Tony Blinken threatened a travel ban against anyone in Sudan who didn’t play along. (Just so everyone is familiar with how “democracy” works with the people in charge of our country.)

On February 12th, the Sudanese government finalized the deal with the Russians. That caused the Biden regime to pitch a hissy fit, so they immediately sent $218 million in “humanitarian aid” to Sudan on February 16th. Victoria Nuland personally traveled to Sudan to “discuss democracy” with the non-elected rebel groups and disbursed the $218 million to them with orders to wreck the joint.

The fighting broke out on April 8th, Biden submitted a war powers resolution to Congress on April 24th knowing full well that the uniparty in DC would approve it and immediately started sending American troops and intelligence assets to Sudan on April 25th.

If that sounds like a familiar pattern, swap out the word “Sudan” for words like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, or Ukraine. It’s always the same pattern, and war in some poor country always breaks out immediately after the bloodthirsty Victoria the Destroyer disburses the cash to the rebel groups.

That’s how we got here, and as always, Victoria’s work is going swimmingly. Don’t worry about those deadly diseases that have fallen into somebody’s hands in Sudan. It’s probably not a big deal. Right?